NAP300 none DR

My current setup 272/555DR/250DR/SL2s

Funds are tight at the moment as I’m in the process of moving house but has anyone switched from a 250DR to a NAP300 none DR as these are going for about 2k less than a 300DR,

I do have my eye on a 300 none DR that recently undergone a Naim service is it worth the change or just hold out for a 300DR next year.

The 300DR is just brilliant and it makes sense to save your pennies until you can get what you really want. If you were to get a non-DR and then have it upgraded later you will have to pay for another service. You’d also be without music for ages while it’s away.


Stick or twist?

Always a puzzle, but when I moved from 300 to 300 DR, the uplift was substantial, and though I don’t have any experience of the 250 DR v 300 non DR, I can’t help thinking that if you decide upon this 300, you’d end up hankering after having the DR upgrade done.

This means no music during the turnaround period whilst it’s back at Naim, so my thoughts are to “stick”, and keep your 250 DR until a 300 DR comes up at the right price.

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Thanks for the replies I guess that’s the problem the itch to upgrade the 300 to DR and as you mentioned HH it will be away at HQ for a while.

I think I will stick with the 250DR

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The DR upgrade has really killed the second hand prices for non DR’ed kit.
I would also wait and just get a DRed version, unless the non DR’ed version is cheap enough that if you DRed it, it would work out the same as a DRed version.
I also nearly went for a non DRed 500, but didn’t and waited for the right amp to pop up and it did saving me over £3000 if i had jumped in on the 500 and then got it serviced and DR’ed.

Agreed. I was in the same situation, had 250DR, but hankered after 300DR. I bided my time, eventually one came up, which I got for 5K with 20 hours on it. Happy days. :blush:


I sold my 300DR to someone coming from a 250DR. He got in touch later to say what a great upgrade it was. The 300DR that had in place of the 300 was a good upgrade but not as big as others have suggested here.

If it was me, I’d go for the 300 and run it for as long as you can avoid the itch to upgrade. You never know, you might be satisfied enough to stay with it as it is.

Non DR kit is bargain material at the moment.


Cheers guys. How close is the 250DR to a 300 none DR did the 250DR close the gap.

Here is my experience

Had a 200 non DR in my system for 12 years, I wanted to move to 250DR, my dealer gave me the option to go for his ex-demo 250DR or non DR 300 which he had in PX

So for me ex demo 250DR or non DR 300, after talking it through and demo the choice I have to say was easy for me

The 300 non DR AMP is still a superb peace of HIFI and all the better from recent service, OK I was going from 200 to 300 but the uplift in musical presentation was nothing short of superb

I was always going to DR my 300 in time which I did 4 months following the purchase, time away at NAIM HQ was 3 weeks

The results 300DR AMP in my humble opinion is ££ for ££ the finest AMP in the current range, I am never going to be able to go for 552 or 500 – I am one happy owner cost of both 300 and DR a lot less than new 300DR

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Some great advice guys as always I need to give this some thought.

Well its easy really
300 non dr and as its been serviced just enjoy it for a few years, but if you feel you will want to get it DR’ed very soon, then better off waiting a bit and getting a DRed one, as it will offer better valve for money.
I paid £4100 for a DRed 300 and it was a late one from a dealer about 6 months ago, so gives an idea on price and i think its over £1800 to get DRed

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I did exactly what you’re considering and went from 250dr to 300. It’s definitely worthwhile. I’ve five or so years before mine needs a service and I’ll consider getting it DR’d at that point.

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Whatever the cost to change from NAP250DR to NAP300, would it not be better to put that money into the 272’s eventual successor?

Not what you want to hear obvs, if you want jam today, not tomorrow.

If these hard times continue…there may well be some bargain kit of all kinds available in the coming months
Your not exactly slumming it at the moment
Hold out and see what come up soon

The cost difference between my 250DR and 300 will be around £800 to £1000 so probably worth a punt.

If a new 272.2 ever materialises I reckon the price will be greater than the NDX2.
272s are going for around £1800 and this will drop once a new model is released so a fair chunk to find.

Someone is selling a virtually new Statement amp/preamp on well known US site (starts with A and ends with N). Reason for sale sounds like seller is in dire financial straits due to corona virus and other personal issues (divorce, etc).
A bargain asking only $200,000 …

A bargain indeed
I’ll get right on that :thinking:

Sounds like bargain to me, a $75 discount. :slight_smile:
Actually, a few months ago, I traded in my 500 non dr for something else (a bad move), now I am also looking for it or something better.

I had a 300 and a 552 driven by a CDS2. It may have been the sweet spot of the range, especially for somebody coming to Naim from tubes. This set up has everything you love about a tube rig without the fiddliness. Just plug and play.