NAP300DR and Kudos Titan 808

Hi. My Naim kit is a 300DR and 272XS and I have a pair of PMC Twenty 26 speakers… and it’s time for an upgrade. I really like the Kudos Titan 808s when I listened to them passive powered by a 500 stack… and much as I’d like to replicate this it’s a pile of $$$… I may get there eventually but the question is really about the upgrade path… if I get the 808s right now to go along with my current 300DR/272XS, do you all think I have ‘enough’ to drive the 808s? Unfortunately it’s currently not possible for me to get a home or dealer demo organised. Does anyone have any experience with such a setup or any advice you can offer me? Thanks, Mike

The 300 will drive the 808’s very well but the issue is that your 272 is already outclassed in your system, even with your existing speakers.

I would be looking at a 555DR on the 272 first.


I have the same speakers with a 500DR, and in terms of pure power it never even breaks a sweat. So the 300DR will be absolutely fine.

To add to this I know that Kudos Head Honcho Derek Gilligan does the development for the ranges using a 250DR - and that’s what he has at home.

So I think you’re fine! …great choice!

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I agree here. I took the same route - starting with a 272 then added a 300 and a 555PS (non DR at that time) - it worked really well - but at the stage you’re at and if I just had the funds to get 808’s I might get 606’s and look at a used NDS, 555ps and 252.

Would be a much better sounding system than adding the 808s to yours as is.

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Good to hear your confidence in the 300 and yes I suspected the 272 was the weakest link… I’ll consider the 555DR and 808s then. Cheers!

Sound good Matt thanks… think I’ll bite the bullet and get the 808s and the 555 and stick with my 300. Really appreciate you guys’ advice! Thanks again.

Here we go. I’m on record for saying that I prefer the NDX2/282 to the 272 but that’s entirely different to it being outclassed, it will not be a weak link. The 272/XPS/300 will be superb with the 808s, provided that the 808s are a good fit for the OPs room.




Lindsay, what was being said is that the OP’s bare 272 is already outclassed by the 300, which it is. Once a 555 is added, as recommended, it will be better balanced. The 272/555/300 is wonderful.

That said, I’m not convinced as to the merits of having a 272 fronting up 808s, but it gives a foundation from which to improve if desired later. The fact that buying a pair of £25,000 speakers without home demonstration could be considered total madness is something else. Kudos may be the darlings of the Forum but that’s no guarantee they will work in the OP’s room, let alone whether or not the OP will actually like them.


Thanks Lindsay. I don’t have the XPS so that’s another path I can take. The room is decent but it’s doubling as a living room for now… will have a dedicated listening room designed/built soon so these upgrades have that firmly in mind. Cheers.

I’ve heard them with a 500 based kit at dealer and was blown away… also listened to Fact 12 Sig and Dynaudio Confidence 30 … 808s my clear favourite. Unfortunately can’t (yet) convince dealer to let me try the 808s at home… “if it be madness there be method in it”, methinks (hopes) :slight_smile:

Presumably you are not in the U.K., otherwise dealers would be very happy to arrange such a home demo. One other speaker you might consider is the ProAc K6 Signature. One forum member moved to the K6 from Kudos and is now much more content.


I’ve recently added XPSDR to my 272/300DR system. Wonderful sonic upgrade and highly recommended. The 555PSDR is said to be even more of a sonic uplift so it’s on my list for this year if not a new 272 is released…

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if you’re a potencial client ready to pull a trigger on a pair that cost north of 25.000eur,
and the dealer doesnt demonstrate flexibilty… oh, dear.
what kind of dealer is that? (independently of country)

And as @hungryhalibut said, you better do it (home audition).
Each person and room has its own variables


@hungryhalibut Nigel, this is all down to terminology a 272(naked)/300 MAY not be optimised but it’s certainly not outclassed nor a mullet. As I’ve said many times I never thought the 272 was quite as great as some have maintained but equally I’ve also said that it’s still a fine piece of equipment and there are many ways to skin the cat. We should also remember that back in the day a LP12(Valhalla/Ittok) 52/250 was considered the ultimate solution for Linn Isobariks. As for the speaker room interface I thought that was exactly what I said.

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As you say, many ways. I certainly wouldn’t have a 272 fronting up £25,000 speakers, regardless of power supply but then that’s just me. Using your Linn example, the source and amp was the best available at that time so I see that as an example of source first. Anyway, the OP will do what the OP will do but it’s not how I’d spend £25,000.

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Thanks again for your advice… you’re right… I’ll insist and see how it goes.

Reading your feedback and potential move to a dedicated room then I don’t think you can go wrong with the 808’s. I bought without demo but with the understanding that I could send them back if they did not work in my room.

I’m sure you be at 552/ND555 level before long but even playing music through a LG tv sounds fantastic.

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I love the T808, in fact I am a BIG fan of the Titan range from 505 through 808

my dealer has his T808 set up active with 250DR, I know Kudos are easy to drive

as other have mentioned, I would look at source and I might suggest alternative - Demo the T808 by all means but then try NDX2/XPS/282 with your 300DR with a pair of T606 - from my back of paper calcutation that would be about the same £££ as a pair of T808

The one recomendation I would suggest is you demo the new KS 1 Kudos speaker cable!!


Well for several weeks I had 808s powered by a 300dr (with nd555 and 552 as well) and the 300 sounded plenty good enough for the 808s. However I then was persuaded to try a 500 and that has brought quite an improvement. The comparisons are a bit tricky though as I also moved the racks to a different place in the room when the swap from 300 to 500 happened (and the brawn stack changed from fraim lite to full fat fraim) which brought improvement; though have temporarily lost the separate mains spur.

Quite a few 808 owners contributed to my thread “2x300 or 1x500” (may not be exact title) which I started a few months ago with a view to moving from active SL2s to passive 808s in a few years’ time :joy: but did so just before Christmas 2020. So that thread might be worth a look?

The 808s are pretty tolerant of the room by all accounts but really worth a home dem - I managed a few weeks due to lockdown :blush: but have run two pairs in (the first were the dealers dem pair and then my own pair). I had some major doubts through run in, but the end result was a resounding yes


I had the 300DR with the 808s. They provided more than enough power. It’s a great combo

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