Nap300DR/NDX2/NAC282 connections

Hi all. I’m refreshing my Naim system after selling some components and purchasing upgrades and am trying to find the connection diagram for Nap300DR/NDX2/NAC282/NACS as a possible route, but it’s not on the Naim website. Then it occurred to me, is it even possible to connect these components to be a full system?

No, assuming you meant NAPSC, you need a 2nd power supply for the 282 - one or two Hicaps or a Supercap generally.


Sorry, yes. NAPSC.

Thanks for your response Svetty. I’ve taken to drawing diagrams of Naim systems to try and get my head around the different permutations! From what I can glean here on the forum, I’m guessing one of the benefits of a Supercap over the HiCap, aside from the bump in quality, is it’s a more suitable upgrade path to the 252, but as for functionality and in the interests of system building/tinkering/upgrading over time, a single HiCap is a reasonable start.

So you haven’t got a HC or SC?

The HC is needed and is the recommended power supply for the 282.
The SC is something many of us think is an improvement over the HC.

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This is the amplification Connection Guide from the Naim Website.

Hope that it helps.


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Thanks all. I don’t have either at the moment. It’s a beginner system I’m building with a view to upgrade the boxes as finances allow over the years. For now I just want to get off the ground so it’s dictated more by budget than preference. I think I’ll try a single HiCap DR to start.

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Hi DiggyGun. Cheers for the link. I had seen that diagram, the closest configuration I could see listed there had a 250DR whereas I have a 300DR.

Single Hicap is a good place to start :grinning:


Ta. :+1:

Normally available on a certain auction site.

It would be the connections


Hi again. I hope someone can kindly help me here.

I sourced the various components for my starter system comprising Nac282 + HiCap Dr. NDX2. NAP300DR. I’ve studied the wiring diagrams carefully and wired them up as follows.

NDX2 DIN out to 282 aux2.
NAPSC power to 282 NAPSC power input.
HiCap Socket 4 to 282 upgrade 1 socket
HiCap sockets 2 and 3 to NAP300DR Chanels 1 and 2 inputs (L and R matched).

Everything powers up but I get no audio. The NDX can play from different sources so it’s not a connection issue. I’ve tried two sets of speakers, JBL100 Classic and B&W M-1 (not ideal but just to test).

I’ve uploaded a pic of the connections, please ignore the temp rack, I wanted it to be clear as poss. Obviously it was plugged in previously.

Any ideas much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

It all looks OK to me.

A few things to check though.

Make sure the pre-amp isn’t muted.

Have you tried a different input than Aux 2? I ask as Aux 2 can be set to use either the Din sockets or the Phono sockets but not both at the same time. Try Aux 1 or tuner instead.

Similarly the NDX2 can be configured to output via Din, Phono, Din and Phono and digital out. Check this in the app.


looks like you’ve got no speakers plugged into the NAP 300

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the OP hasn’t but then again nor is there any mains connected!
The OP commented that he has rearranged the units for the photo!

@Hercole good advice from @trickydickie
What did you mean by different sources play - are you seeing that from the NDX screen?
Once you have sound restored - please ensure that your cable dressing does not have any cable coiled as currently shown - at least if you want to avoid compromising the overall sound. Lots of info on the forum.
edit - similarly stacking the units one on the other - appreciate you may have altered things for a photo - best to try and show your actual fully wired system, for an issue like this.

Be sure that with the DIN -XLRs to the NAP300 that the red banded one goes to CH2 R and the green banded one to CH1 L.

Ensure you have the DIN output in the NDX2 enabled and also check socket assignments on the NAC282.

Normally I would connect the NDX2 to the CD port, why Aux2 ?
My NDX2 is the “CD”, the tuner the “tuner”, the CDX2 the “tape” …

And if you can avoid it don’t coil up the cables like that, let them hang unrestrained. It’s not so clear cut when letting them hand loose results in them running along the floor. The usual result of putting stress on the cables like that is a certain edge to the sound, particularly noticeable with solo piano music on the high notes. If there’s nothing bothering you once the system settles in for a couple of weeks than no worries but if something’s nagging you as not right remember these points.
If you’re lucky there’s a post in the forum FAQ about de-stressing Burndies.