NAP500 No sound left channel

I’ve contacted Naim support and waiting on a reply but thought I’d ask here if anyone experienced similar…

Today the left channel stopped working on my NAP500 which is connected to a NAC252/Supercap.

All was working fine until I swapped an Ethernet cable on my NDX2 today.

I can hear the pop’s when the amp is switched on and off and can hear a faint sound through the speaker while the pre-amp is warming up for 20 seconds. The right channel kicks in but nothing from the left.

I’ve pulled cables out and put back in without success. Sound through headline into headphones is fine so not a source issue.

I’ve also put the old Ethernet cable back in the system instead of the new one now…

Any ideas anyone ?


Did you disconnect the DIN to XLR cables at all? Did you put them back the right way around - red banded cable to CH2?

You say all is ok via Headline so that would rule out the source…

Failing that, double check all connections including speakers. Switch all off then remake all connections. Then switch back on.

Yep - tried all that.
I can hear faintly the LP source until the pre-amp warms up through both channels but when it kicks in I only get sound from the right.

Perhaps @NeilS has an idea.

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Agree with Richard - not the source at fault.
Leaving the most likely candidate in the chain to be the 252 output relay.
The small amount of crosstalk you can hear at power up will be coming from the preamp, so that would suggest the 500 is also good.



Thanks for the info.

Yeah - the pre-amp at fault sounds like the likely candidate.

I’ll get in touch with my local dealer and they will no doubt send back for a bit of TLC after testing it.

I’ll leave it powered down for a while and try again before I take it in.


I had a similar experience about 12 months ago and it turned out to be a faulty relay in my 552.

Ah - ok. Interesting to hear. Pleased its likely to be the pre-amp as its less boxes to dig out of the loft and get to the dealer.

My 252 is only 18 months old so still under warranty thankfully.

The 500 is a 2014 model so hoping to get another couple of years out of it before a service and DR upgrade. Don’t have the funds for that at the moment

IIRC, the 252 ageing fits with the issues Naim found with sub-par sets of relays in their supply chain i.e. a known issue?

FYI (I suspect you know), with 500 series kit, the service interval suggested is >10Y’s (up to 15) but I’d suggest no longer than say 13.

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… or no longer than 9 in my experience. ATB Peter

OK - the 252 is back from Naim much quicker than expected. Left relay replaced.
Powered on and working great :slight_smile:


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