NAP500 Service -- when?

i have a 2011 vintage NAP500 that was DR upgraded in 2016. Will the DR upgrade have lengthened the time before service is required? Rule of thumb as i recall is 10years for an amp, which would be more or less now – hence the question. Or should i send this question to Naim Audio ??


If the DR upgrade included a recap then yes, if not then no. The 500 series can go up so 15 years without servicing I believe.

I would drop Naim customer services a line with the serial number. They were very helpful when I was trying to find out the history of an amp.

Thanks Matthew – just done that…

Be interested in their reply Ken please let us know.

Anyone know how much it is to service 500DR and 552DR? The prices I found related to DR upgrade and service.

Response from Sam Wright of Naim Audio – i hope its OK to paste this here?

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your email.

The recommendation for servicing intervals for newer Naim products such as yours is every 12-15 years. I believe yours was manufactured in 2011 so I would say that you’ve got a few more years before you need to book it in for a proactive service. Of course, if you notice any performance degradation then you can book it in earlier. Otherwise, I would probably suggest that you give it another 2-3 years before booking it in.

Bearing in mind that it received the DR upgrade in 2016 it would have been subject to rigorous testing during that procedure before leaving the factory, so I would say that this supports the idea that you can wait a little longer before full servicing.

I hope this is useful.

Best regards


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FWIW, I’m not a believer in the 15-year suggested re-cap on 500 series kit.

I posted here some time back that I had my 555PSDR’s serviced after c.12/13 years and the uplift in performance on return suggested I was late in doing so.

Naim’s Service dept themselves say 12 to 15 years, for ‘the newer Black products’.

Clearly - logically - servicing earlier is … better… :thinking:

Hi Ken, hope you are well :+1:t3: To be honest I’ve never had a Naim box, which has been going for over 10 years. My 500 went off at 8 1/2 years and lately 552 ( before replacing it ) and 2 x 555 PSs were serviced 9 years in. It’s also a piece of mind thing I suppose.
From memory the servicing cost is around £ 560,- per box.
Just get it done Ken and everything will sound jolly sparkly and refreshed :blush: Keep well Peter

Thanks for posting the info Ken useful to know.

My 202 & 200 are at the factory as I type. They’re nearly 20 years old and have never been serviced, so I’m readying my socks to be blown off when they come back. They sounded PDG to my ears before they went: is it really going to be a night and day difference?



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