Napsc 2 with Nac 202

This morning my napsc 2 arrived, now in order to test and enjoy the improvement it supplies I’m connecting it to my Nac 202 and nap 200dr (no hi-cap).
Two questions:
Is it normal the mute button of Nac 202 flashs (as “power supply or link plug fault indication” according to the reference preamplifier manual) if the nap 200dr is off?
If so, if I want to turn off the nap 200dr, is there a way to avoid the mute button flash, in addition to deactivating the lighting of the front panel and the display?

For the EU Napsc2 owners only: the mains cable of my Napsc2 is 0,75mm while usually the standard is 1,00 mm as the one provided with my nap 200dr…yours?

Thank you

Yes that is normal.

You should leave the 200 on all the time. It will sound better that way.


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