Hi all, hope this finds y’all safe & well.

My 202 is soon to be finding its way to Darran at Class A for a service (well overdue); is it worth getting my Napsc done at the same time, & is it necessary?


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Darran serviced my NAPSC at the same time as my 202, so I cant tell if it made any difference over just servicing the 202, but Darran did recommend the NAPSC be serviced as it was 10 years old.

If 10 years old or more then perhaps worth doing for peace of mind. However, since the NAPSC only powers the digital circuitry of the preamp I don’t think a service is nearly as critical as, say, for a HiCap.

Hi johnt - I’ve asked Darran, but I know how busy he he is; what was the cost of the Napsc service, if you don’t mind me asking? :relaxed:

My service was done in June 2019 and the combined cost for the 202 and Napsc was £139, he hasn’t broken the cost down into the two separate units.

This is the service he carried out

Full re-cap, service and alignment
Fit listed parts, test ok
8 x 10uf @ 35 volt capacitor
10 x 47uf @ 35 volt capacitor

1 x 2200uf @ 50 volt capacitor
2 x 10uf @ 35 volt capacitor

If you are sending the pre amp, then send the NAPSC too. But, I’m not sure I’d send just a NAPSC for any service. Unless it is either to prevent a failure or it has failed. Any caps changed will not affect the sound quality.

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Bless you Sir, one last question: were you able to fit the napsc in with the 202 in the 202 box, for transport to Darran? :grimacing:

We took the items to Darran and only the 202 was boxed the napsc was loose, so I don’t know if it will fit.

If you have the time it’s worth taking the stuff to him as there are some stunning places to visit not far from him, we made a day of it, delivered both items to Darran’s at opening time then had a look around Hardwick Hall and had a visit to Bakewell for a Bakewell pudding, and a really nice lunch in a pub high up in the moors, we then collected the 202 and napsc late afternoon. The only downside was the long drive back to West Sussex, but apart from that, it was a great day out and I didn’t have any time without my HiFi .

Many thanks; I’ll be getting the box out of the loft when Darran gets back to me; I’ll let everyone know if it’s safely possible :relaxed:
I’m not as far away (South Leicestershire), but can’t get over there at this time - so it’s/they have to be posted. Have been to Bakewell & had a piece of their delicious cake (nothing like the commercial rubbish).
Thanks to you all for your replies - let you know how it all goes.

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The NAPSC will fit. (If you buy a 282 it will include a NAPSC in the same sized box as a 202.) you might just need a bit of extra packaging to secure it.

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Earlier this year, I had my 202 & 200 serviced at Salisbury and I separately asked two well-respected Naim dealers whether servicing my NAPSC was worth it. Neither thought it was; in fact, one even had to check whether servicing a NAPSC was a thing.

So, service it by all means if you want and it’s for a good price, but maybe don’t expect much on top of the improvements that servicing your amp(s) will bring.


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