Narcom 3

Hi, new forum member here. I’m a big fan of the Olive fascia series and I’ve lurked for ages finding what I needed online, but now I have a question.

I bought a NAC102 which came with an elderly NARCOM 3 r/c. The remote is missing half of its buttons, and I would like to know if it is possible to get it refurbished or source a replacement. My CD3.5 came with a NARCOM 4 which operates the CD player but not the pre-amp.

Any help gratefully received. Thanks

Any Narcom should be able to control your NAC102. If you have a Narcom 4 then if you press the PRE softkey it should control your NAC102.


James Allney at TomTom Audio (St Albans) would be worth speaking to.

He can find all sorts of stuff - he has done so for me in the past.

I have 3 Naim remotes. From left to right NDS, CDS2 (recently bought they sent me a factory sealed Narcom) and right for 82. Not sure there respective numbers. Maybe 4, 3 and 2?

Think 1st left isn’t a Narcom. It only works the NDS, no Preamp selection mode. Other two work preamp and CD player. Decided now to use remotes 1 and 2 from left.

It does if system automation is enabled. Obviously that’s assuming you have a pre that supports it, so no use to the OP with a 102.

The second remote handset along is a Narcom 3. The final one along in your picture is an earlier olive version of the Narcom 2. Note that the Narcom 2 was around for many years and there were a few different variants, the earlier black and olive ones with different panel colours, additional buttons, and logo variations, culminating in the final grey version that arrived with the 5 series and Classic series.


And so it does! Thank you so much, really appreciate your help.

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