Narcom, am I missing something?

Hi all,

Is the R-COM still available or is this something of old?
Am I missing something, how does/did this differ to the normal Naim remotes that come with everything else?
From where I am sitting, it looks like an expensive waste of time?


Which one, there’s been a few, my current SN3 shipped with a NARCOM-5 for example. The R-Com is quite pricey as a spare though, and the massive one with the LCD screen on it of old.

Sorry I did mean the Rcom

The Flash remote, a real beauty. Weighs about a pound and is a real delight to use.


Yes the Flash Remote, looks like the stock checking scanners they use in supermarkets, “smart” though in a mid ‘90’s sort of way!

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You can still get the R-Com, I’m not a Naim RCU expert but I seem to recall it was designed to compliment the CD555 and maybe it still ships with the NAC 552?
The NAC S1 comes with a similarly exotic and cosmetically similar RCU, also I imagine suitably expensive.

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I have one somewhere, my 552 came with that and a NARCOM 5. The R com eats batteries, I use the NARCOM 4 that came with my 282 in preference to either and the 282 makes do with the NARCOM 3 from the CDX2.

I don’t find the R-Com unusually greedy with batteries. If yours is so, then it may have a fault, so you might wish to get it checked over by Naim service.

The R-com doesn’t add any extra functionality (bar, a door open button for the CD555) but it does look and feel rather nice; it’s made from the same aluminium as the electronics use and uses similar illuminated buttons to the ones on the pre-amps.

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Just curious, with the old Flash the manual states that the chip can be upgraded to add functionality. Did this ever happen and are upgrades still available?

Yes, this happened on a few occasions - the biggest update being the last, which added AV functionality to control the AV2, DVD5 &/or N-Vi, and the n-Sub.

Unfortunately last time I asked, stocks of the upgraded PIC chips had been exhausted.

Thanks for the info Richard. Guess my old Flash will have to stay in the original config then.

Can I control the HDX with the R-com?
Or is it only for cd, pre and tuner? And for the fantastic looks :slight_smile:
Love to have one, but I am afraid the hdx remote is more flexible.

Hi drago,

Unfortunately not.

There is however, I seem to remember, a hack to make the R-Com operate the volume on the AV2.

I might regret mentioning that, as I have no idea how to activate it, or how I can find out! :smiley:


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Thanks a lot Neil.
Just thought so. Only for the nice aesthetics but with less function in my system is a thing to decide on.
Mainly I control the hdx via app but there are some functions like stop that are fine with the remote.

I always found it odd that there is no stop command from the front panel on the HDX.
You have to select Current Playlist, then Clear. Or just shut it down of course!


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