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…Good afternoon to all, … at the moment I use as a network music archive a “Naim UNITISERVE 2 tb” of which I am quite satisfied as a quality listening sound and also for its characteristics and brand. I also have a “Western Digital myclod 3 tb” NAS on which I keep several things (hd music files, photos, videos, etc.). I would like to buy a new NAS, probably with two bays and much more powerful and fast with good software on board especially for liquid music. Not being very expert, I would like simple and intuitive software right away. Since I don’t want to spend more than 600/800 € I would like some advice on Qnap or Synology and above all on which specific model is for Hi Res music and for 4K movies and Digital Photography. To consider that I don’t like Roon very much at the moment. Thanks to those who intervene. …
Greetings, Andrea

If the 4k movies don’t need transcoding, then the Synology 218play (+ Asset as the music UPnP server package) will fit the bill nicely.
About €240 for the box (without disks) - for the disks I would recommend the Segate Ironwolf 4GB or larger about €240 for 2 x 4GB disks, so should be well within your budget.

If you need to transcode 4k movies, then you’ll need something considerably more powerful than a quad core ARM processor, for the rest it’s perfectly sufficient.

months back I had considered a DS918 + synology. I don’t know if it is better one of the + or plus series …

I’ve been very happy with my Qnap Ts453 pro for a good few years. Don’t use it much for music as its not good enough for a full Roon server but I do run Asset and Bubble on it for out of house use and they sound good. It also runs Plex really well can transcode 4k in qnaps software and pelx seems to do ok to although I don’t have much need to transcode in house. Also run docker with a few containers and it runs without any hassle.

Music streaming is a very easy workload for a NAS, and there have been comments here in the past that basic devices with low power consumption sound good, perhaps because they generate less electrical noise. This applies to UPnP servers - Roon has higher demands.

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