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Hi Mike,

I see you are an Asset / Synology man - I have a quick question: I use Asset Premium on my MacBook but have a Synology 218Play - does my existing licence allow me to install Asset on my NAS at no extra cost, or do I need another licence?

Regards, Ian

What does the asset webpage say ?

Hi Ian, sorry but I can’t be sure about the answer, I use Asset for Synology DSM-7, which is an old licence thread prior to the new Universal package.
Rather than give you duff info, it’ll be best if you ask the question on the dBp (Asset) forum

Or blow the princely sum of thirty two quid on a five-seat Universal?

I’ve been curious about cloud storage options and looked at dropbox but it seemed expensive. I’d need 3TB minimum but 4TB would be ideal. My files don’t change much, I do mass purchases then update my back ups. I have 2 back ups on portable external drives I keep in different locations. A little tedious but not too bad. Cloud storage would let me sleep a little better at night.

Thanks, will do

Or £16 with a special offer if you already have an old licence.
But looking again at this, it seems the ‘Premium’ package is also called ‘Universal’
So if you already have ‘Premium’ you can get a Synology licence in addition to your Mac

…… The package info sez ……
5 license pack, install on 5 devices simultaneously
For Windows, QNAP, Synology, OS X, Debian Linux & Raspberry Pi Raspbian
Free upgrades for life
Never expires
24x7 support provided via
After purchase Asset can be download instantly, or at any time in the future
Windows 11 to Vista and macOS Ventura to Sierra
Legacy versions support

I have an older Synology DS412+, using 4x Seagate IronWolf 4gb drives. Previously I had 2Gb Barracudas and one of those failed, so I decided to upgrade to the IronWolf 4Gb to increase capacity. I’ve been using it in RAID mode that allows up to 2 disks to fail without loss of data. It was a piece of cake to replace the failed drive, and then do the upgrade.

If you can afford it SSD might be a good idea.

I rip with DbPowerAmp.

The only other thing I’d mention is Synology comes with fantastic software, is very easy to operate, and is often very open when it comes to other tech.

Good luck!

Key question is how much data do you have? Also if you are setting up a NAS drive will you store data other than music (photos, files etc) Get a fix on that, then at least double it and that will tell you how many drives you need and how large. Synology drives are good. Mine (4 bay) has been running with RAID enabled for 10 years, no data loss and one failed drive which was replaced in seconds. I store about 10k lossless albums and most family archives of photos and so on and I have tried SSD which is still too expensive and brings no sound quality gains (but they do consume less electricity). Have fun.

If anyone is still interested, I ended up with a Synology DS218 with WD Red SSD. No more hard drive noise, but the fan was a bit noisy, so swapped it for a Noctua one, which is much quieter. Software is great and much easier and faster to access and configure via the browser than my old Qnap. Happily running Asset uPnP.

Thanks for all the advice and responses - all very informative and helpful.

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Switch the fan off in the nas settings. Dont need fan with a SSD.
Ive had my fanless Synolgy running for over a year with no issues.

I understood the fan was needed to cool the CPU, not just the hard drives. I can’t see how you switch it off in the software (only reduce the speed) and a quick look at the Synology forum seems to indicate it’s not possible, unless you disconnect it, which causes the system to beep at you! How did you switch it off?

You can increase the backblaze retention period to one year for a small set monthly fee or unlimited for a fee per gb if required.

Unless you are running Roon, the cpu is hardly under any load. Ive just looked at mine and I have unplugged the fan connector. As I say, never had any issues.

He has WD Red HDDs.

No he doesnt.