Nas drive recommendations

I can also recommend EAC as a free FLAC ripping tool for Windows.

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EAC is a good ripper but dbPoweramp does the job about 5 times faster in my experience and when you have a pile of CDs to get through that’s a significant difference

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+1 for dbpoweramp
What I found most useful was the 3 database look up of metadata. I still had to edit some before ripping, but usually at least one of the databases got close.
Inconsistent naming of multi disc titles was one that caught me out a few times.

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This often happens with classical box sets - especially with the mega sets from Brilliant Classics. However, I found this with my recent acquisition of the two-disc version of “Colosseum Live”. The second disc is actually Disk 3 of a previous compilation " Morituri Te Salutant", and hence the metadata reflects that. Easy to fix though, using a combination of dBPowerAmp and MP3Tag. :smiley:

EAC is fast enough for me and I ripped nearly a thousand CDs. I believe Dbpoweramp doesn’t produce checksum logs like EAC that proves a flawless rip. I also like open source:-)

Dbpoweramp is better still, as it looks up on a database to ensure the checksums match what everyone else has. EAC is quite good though, I used it for my first few hundred CD’s.

Not only does dBp have this - called AccuratRip - it also has Secure & UltraSecure, these rip copy & compare numbers of rip passes of the CD, I guess it’s checksum based, so you get an exact copy of the CD.

It does, you just have to enable the logging. Also, set up secure ripping as described in the dBpoweramp setup guide.

EAC provides secure mode ripping and also has integration with AccurateRip.

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NAS should be on Ethernet; not 100% mandatory for streaming, but when you copy larger amounts of data (newly ripped songs, any backups or other data) you will be thankful for this. Same goes for PC used for ripping (at least when transferring the data).
Oh, and since WiFi goes through same access point/router (in most cases, unless you have a good mesh with good backbone), having both source and target for copy/streaming on WiFi really delays things even more; having the NAS on Ethernet also helps WiFi devices, or when several devices access the NAS in parallel.

For in-house streaming, WiFi should be fine; at least in the absence of „adverse conditions“. (Like: congested spectrum due to neighbors in cities, long distance and/or material of walls, bad/old WiFi equipment, …).

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I always recommend that if a device can be hardwired it should be hardwired. That most certainly goes for my NAS and my streamers.

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