NAS for MuSo

So, once again, I’m thinking we should get a NAS drive in our house. Not only for back-up of the laptops and other devices we use (iPad, phones, Android tablet, why do we need so much stuff??!) but also to finally store the music in my laptop to play on my MuSo (1st Generation) via the NAS. (Although, to be honest, I mainly use the MuSo for the fab Radio Paradise). Previously, (a few years ago), I’ve given up as it looked so complex and, indeed, pretty expensive but it was a while ago, and I’m hoping that things may be different now! I’m not very capable with technology, but if it helps, I use Virgin WiFi and have a BT Whole Home Mesh installed (although I have’nt “disconnected” the Virgin wifi despite advice that I should do as, to be honest, it all works well and I’m reluctant to do anything that might muck it up!)

I’d really appreciate any suggestions on the best / easiest solution! Plus, can I then integrate a NAS with our Google Home things to stream music to them?

As an aside, I’ve rarely found the MuSo easy to use or integrate which is probably why I gave up last time. My Ruark R2 is SO much easier!

Thanks in adance for replies folks…


I have used the Qnap TS251+ for many years and have found it extremely reliable. I upgraded the discs to 8Tb last year and as well as my music and backups it also runs my cctv system.

Thanks Spile. I am pretty much useless when it comes to many things relating to computers. I wondered how easy you found it to set up your QNap? As I said in my original post, I don’t find dealing with Naim equipment straightforward!



I found it ok but it did need a step by step approach and the user interface takes getting used to.
There is plenty of support available on the Qnap forums and Qnap support is very good.

I have found the synology online support superb. Questions answered in a day, and they can even log directly into your nas to fix things.

We use QNAP devices. You won’t go wrong with one of the common/popular makes, QNAP and Synology spring immediately to mind.

Quite apart from all the storage, backup, redundancy and scalability that a NAS offers, you will be able to tun a server on the NAS, such as Asset. Setting something up like this on a NAS is not only simple (honestly, it really is) but the internet and this forum are full of support and advice for anybody tentatively dipping in. We all had to start somewhere.

A back up of your music library off the NAS will also be essential. As would an off NAS backup of any precious/critical files. It’s just good house keeping, nothing more.

Thanks guys, much appreciated. I really need to get on with this.

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