NAS fun

We have two NASs on our home network.

  1. Synology 216dj with two recent 4TB WD Reds
  2. Synology 220dj with two much older 1TB WD Blues

In both NASs the HDD are mirrored…

The 220 started alarming this morning - yup, Drive 2 has “degraded” - or to you and me “died/popped its clogs/gone to meet its maker” etc. Those Blues must be the best part of 10 years old though, coz I pulled them out of my old LG NAS caddy, so not a bad life span.

I’ll certainly change the other one as well (same age ) - off to Novatech on Monday. In the meantime, backing up the 250GB or so of data from the remaining good disk to to other NAS.

Good to know that the RAID concept/configuration works though.

Hey ho! Think I’ll cook curry this evening…

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I recall many years ago sending out an engineer to fix a Raid issue where a raid 5 disk had gone down. Unfortunately he misread which one had gone down, and unplugged the wrong one - Data all gone - Doh!

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But, of course, all your data was backed up………

It was, but those were the days of very slow tape backup, took over a day

My synology took over 2 days to write the first back up to my connected usb hdd, I couldn’t believe how long it took as the nas is a 218play and hdd is usb 3, so both decent modern kit.

Two new WD 2TB Red+ HDD arrived today. So after a bit of DIY on the main bedroom, I stowed them in the Syn 220dj caddy, and fired up the NAS. A quick update to DSM 7 and I could set up the two disks in RAID1.
Copying the last few files back from the other NAS at the moment, but all looking good.

Even better though was AMZ delivering six jars of Pateks Chilli Pickle!

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More fun than any NAS, surely…?

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