NAS goes into hibernation when streaming music


I’ve got all my CDs ripped to my Synology NAS. Qute 2 > RME ADI-2 DAC > amp …using the Naim app on iPad. If I queue up a few albums from the NAS, after two or three have played at some point the NAS goes to sleep then when it should be moving onto the next album, everything goes blank and silence as the NAS wakes up. It will not continue playing, the app goes blank.

I have to hit the ‘burger’ top left to see the queue list, scroll down to the album that should be about to start then play from there.

Is this just a function of the way the Naim app works that the NAS will hibernate during long play queues?

The NAS doesn’t do this when I use DS Audio but I prefer using the Naim app.

I suspect it’s how you are using the NAS to play, maybe because it not actually playing anything from the NAS at the time
If it plays the album from the NAS itself over its UPnP media server, it will not hibernate.

Just disable hibernation on the Synology.

A nas is network attached storage, its a server and should be available when you need it. Stop it sleeping!

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