Nas Options

Hi I have a DS212J synology Was that I deployed in 2016 with 2 mirrored 1TB drives.
It performs very well with my superuniti.
I am thinking of upgrading to include 4K video as well as FLAC.
Can anyone recommend the best brand/drive combination at the moment.



If you’re happy with Synology & the way the DSM works, no reason to change.
DS218+ has all you need for 4K

I have just gone from a DS215j to a DS218play. What are you playing the 4k files on? Is it something that requires the NAS to do any work (transcoding) or is the NAS purely a source for the files?

You will definitely need more storage space for 4k files, I’m a big fan of Western Digital and have never had any problems with the Red NAS drives. You can now get Pro versions which are a little faster and have much longer warranties, which you couldn’t get when I bought my last pair of drives. I have heard good things about and seen good deals on the Seagate Ironwolf and Ironwolf Pro drives, but I have no experience with them.


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