NAS or Innous or other

I struggle to come around the network storage for my cd`s. I have a Synology running Mediaserver and have ripped a few albums with DBPoweramp. It stopped there, I want a more futureproof solution with a newer upnp software before I rip the whole collection.

The NAS is to old to update to Asset. I use Mac and to download Minimserver software I need to download Java 7, not easy with a newer Mac.

I have experience with Userve and found it just as convenient as I want it to be, but not very reliable so I sold it. Core holds me back due to its limited metadata function.

I did even purchased a sh cd player, but it was not in use at all, so sold it as well.

My current plan was to purchase a new NAS, QNAP or Synology, move one of two 3TB WD discs from the old one, to the new NAS and go external backup only, no Raid. Then use the old NAS for document and picture backup.

This would be the cheapest solution in my view and perhaps most futureproof also, compared to Innous and such?

What NAS should I put my eyes on? (I have googled a lot of your threads and this may be answered by reading myself).
Would both Synology and QNAP be configured with Asset as upnp software in the first place or will there be a need of downloading?
Im looking for a plug and play solution, but did manage to set up the old NAS quitre easily. That said, even if I manage to come around challenges, I dont want it to be a hobby.

Appreciate your input`s.


Hi Steinar. If it helps, I have a QNAP TS 253A running Asset. You need to load Asset but it’s literally a five minute job. @trickydickie helped to set the nas up in the first place but since then I’ve looked after it without problems.

A good thing about it is that it has a button on the front for backups - the one below the power button. You plug a usb drive into the socket at the bottom left, press the button and it does an incremental backup. If I can do it, anyone can.

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I only know Synology :
At the moment its comes pre-loaded with Minimserver as a link in the software package, but its not actually installed, plus their own ‘Media Server’ (a basic UPnP) & Plex (better for AV)
There was a rumour that Asset would come but I don’t expect any moves (if at all) until they launch DSM-7, but I would not let that hold you back.
Asset works very well on Synology, its so easy to install & set up, Minimserver still has to be installed & set up, it is a bit more of a faff needing Java & MinimWatch additionally.
Once its installed & set up, thats it, maybe an occasional update to look out for, or just keep going with what you have.

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If you want a simple, versatile device, I would look at an Innuos server. The Zen Mini is less than half the price of a Core, and does not have the limitations that many people dislike in the Naim ripper/servers.
If you want a cheaper solution, a QNAP or Synology running Asset would be my choice, with DBpoweramp for ripping/editing.
Given that you already have another NAS, I would run a server on that too. Then if your main music NAS dies, you can continue listening.


Since you already have a Synology, it makes most sense to get a Synology 118 and put the 3TB WD Red in that. It’s plenty powerful enough to work as a UPnP server (even up to 4k video) and it runs Asset really well (I know this as it’s essentially a single disk version of the 218 play that I use.

If you keep to Synology NAS drives, they can be linked together to create an automatic incremental backup on the original NAS, so you won’t have to worry about triggering the backup manually.

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You are asking about hardware but what you actually need is a concept for ripping, serving and securing your music data and a reliable workflow.

A concept and a workflow should rely on clearcut separation of tasks and concerns. My concrete suggestion is that:

  1. you download and rip on a laptop or desktop using the OS and the ripping software of your choice. The rips and the downloads are temporarily stored in an “import” folder, see next point.

  2. after you have cleaned up the metadata of your ripped or downloaded files, the content of the “import” folder is propagated to the (local, remote, cloud, etc.) storage that you use for backup and for music serving. Ideally, this is done with a script that you write once and then call over and over again by just pressing a button/icon.

  3. Intead of using a QNAP or of a Synology NAS, you run your preferred UPnP server on a dedicated Raspberry Pi with attached HDD. This gives you maximal flexibility and the possibility of recovering from an hardware failures in a few minutes (you keep an image of the RPi’s SD card on your laptop or desktop) and at virtually zero costs.

Do not let yourself be fooled by “solutions” that pretend to solve the problems of ripping, downloading, editing, securing and serving music data in a seamless way: they typically address only part of the problem and often quite poorly.


Good advice, Thanks HH, it cost`s a bit more than needed. Noted (251) as an option


Thank you! So, Asset still need to be downloaded for Synology then, if I understand correct? If it`s easier than Minimserver with the Java thing, then I see no problems in that.


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Well, that`s actually my case, this or that unit :grinning: Still, I may well go the Innuos route, but will investigate a bit more. I already have the discs and another NAS as you say and that may be a part of my end solution. Thanks!


There`s only a small price difference between 118 and 218. Any reasons to select one or another, except from simplicity?
I must say, your suggestion are closest to my current plan.


You are absolutely rigth of course, so far I have not made any backup of my music, not the Userve either, when I owned one.
I have to take a look at your suggestions, I`m not familiar with Raspberri Pi and such.


Wonderful, thank you all of you for bringing me a bit further.
It should be said; (Chris has already answered this in an earlier thread), but it may affect what I should go for in the end.
I plan to use my Naim Atom at the hut. I have no internet there, only 4G shared net from my smartphone. USB stick was mentioned and I guess whatever I choose, copying music to an USB stick is easy job?


@nbpf gives good advice; I would take a look at the one box solutions from the like of Audiostore.
I migrated from my Qnap to NAS, ripping via dbpoweramp on my Macbook, to a Prestige, a one box stop. It greatly improved sound quality and its ripping is as good as dbpoweramp without the technical options.


Prestige looks like an alternative to Innuos, is that correct?

Had a quick look at Raspberry Pi and it looks like I have to run my laptop, while playing music? What else do I need, except from a harddrive in any format to get it up an running. Must admit it seems like computering to me? I`m not a dummy on the field, but again… no need of another hobby.

Thanks, S

Yes, the Prestige 3 is an alternative to the Innuos Zenith III with the benefit of being somewhat less expensive to buy yet not at all cheaper inside. The processor in mine is equivalent to a Roon Nucleus+, which is considerably faster than that in the Zenith. This processor speed seems to matter with Roon and especially with HQPlayer (which I don’t use at the moment) but it may be less important if you do not intend to use Roon.

Hope this helps, BF


That’s not the case. You use an RPi as a pure server (e.g., running MinimServer) as a pure renderer (e.g., running MPD and upmpdcli) or as a server + renderer solution. In any case you do not need any laptop or desktop computer at replay time. RPis for dedicated audio are typically headless. Setup and administration are done via remote login or web interface.

Setting up a RPi does take some work with the command line interface (i.e. using text commands) to install and connect up the operating system before the graphic user interface starts.
You’ll also need to be comfortable with trawling the internet to find out how to do basic things like installing the operating system, and unless you’re familiar with Linux (or Unix), you’ll need to do that to find out how to back up the system, and even for how to upload music files to it’s music play directory.

You need to make sure you’re comfortable doing this research.

Even my computerstuff dealer cannot help explaining my needs connected to RBPi so I`m off, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

For the last two years Ive mainly used Tidal as a music source, that may well be explained due to the lack of access to my cds of course.
If I put listening habits into it, and compare usercomfort and cost between Innous (and similar), to a new and simple NAS with Asset, I`m close to purchase a Synology DS118/ 218 and move one disc from the old NAS into the new.
With two separate NAS, each with one 3TB WD discs, and about 2-2500 cds, I can do both backup and serve pictures etc as well?


I`ve just ordered a Synology DS218 Play. I had a look at DS118 as well, but with a very small price difference I chose 218. I also had a look at QNAP NAS such as 253 (HH), but Synology since I have one already.

There will be some further fiddling just to find the optimal use of metadata when ripping from DBPoweramp, but I`ll manage.

Thanks all of you for contributing.

Best, Steinar

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