NAS - QNAP - Configs & Tweaks

Hello, I’m still learning things on the NAS front and the more I look around the QNAP the more I wonder how it works. :smiley:

My dealer set my QNAP up and it’s worked without a hitch since I’ve owned it. I do the updates as advised and that’s about it really.

Someone was asking me how I handle storage and I basically said I have no idea b/c well I don’t.

I got to looking around like I do and I can’t ascertain whether or not my drives are getting backed up.

I see there’s a RAID Group 1 which I think indicates the storage group but not sure.

My specs. The speed of the nas seems okay, I get occasional hang ups but I think it’s more Naim app related. I’m not sure if this is a good processor or not.

Looks to me like your two disks are set up in a Raid 1 configuration which basically means the data is mirrored from one disk to the other. So if one disk fails the other in theory should be able to continue , it provides a recovery mechanism. It’s not the same as back-up, bear in mind any issues e.g. malware on one disk will be replicated to the other disk.

It’s an Intel Celeron dual-core 1.6GHz processor…should be fine for disk access, what else do you do with the NAS?

Thanks, I use strictly for HiFi. I’ve seen some discussion around the sonics of single core and dual core and was curious.

I just realized all the external drives I have are only 2 TB so I need to get a bigger external drive so I can do some backups.

How many albums do you have at present 2TB May be enough.As you probably know you can set up a recurring like weekly backup automatically and then periodically do a manual backup to different usb drive and store off site. You can also set up cloud backup with Dropbox,Amazon etc.

Thanks, I have just under 6K albums. Approx 4K in FLAC and 2K in AIFF. If I can get 2TB to work for now that’d be great. I just use the external storage option under the storage menu, right?

Raid is not a back up.

You do not have a back up. Any changes made to the first drive are reflected on the second drive. Deleted that super important report for work on the nas, and its gone, goodbye.

You need to back your data up.


You do have a lot of music files,didn’t realize.
Go to the Backup Station app in Qfinder software and then choose external backup. Plug in your drive and follow instructions for setting up a weekly scheduled automatic backup .

Thanks, I’ll try this and see if I have enough space until I can order a larger external drive.

Not used the QNAP backup facility but I would imagine you could always backup across multiple disks if you have more than one thus negating the need for a larger external drive?

It looks like the Apple store by me has some drives. I’ll probably just get a 4 or 6 TB of one of these.

Ok, I have a dumb question, since the QNAP is a linux based OS will an external drive formatted for Mac OS work with the QNAP back up app??

So I picked up a couple external USB drives to make copies of my multimedia folder and I noticed the copies are different sizes. For example one of the folders (containing individual artist folders) is a different size on each external drive. The difference is about 45MB out of .8TB. Is this normal? I noticed in the event logs that a few tracks would not copy over but I manually copied these tracks so I think they’re okay. Not sure what’s going on here.

Once the drive is connected to the QNAP I select the folder I want to copy in File Manager and select “Copy To” from the menu and then find my external USB drive for the destination folder. Is there a better way I should be doing this?

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