NAS shows in the APP but not on NDS

Has anybody got any clues what to fiddle with here?:

for a few weeks now I can manage one of my NAS devices from the Naim App, but it is not listed under the UPNPs on the NDS itself. Also I notice that iRadio has stopped working.

I also notice that my BT SMartHub2 got v0.27.07.07281-BT firmware update on 30th October.

I have tried a sequential shutdown of streamer/switch/NAS/Router but this hasn’t fixed things.

Lots of moving parts here, but I am struggling to find the smoking gun.

Any suggestions welcomed…

Can you login to the Hub and see if any settings have changed? IP address should be on the back.

I assume the NDS has the latest software and you’ve restarted it?

HI Matthew,

NDS has the latest firmware and has been restarted multiple times.
After the last round of restarts the NDS (which is wired and connected to an EE8)is showing under wi-fi ! (wi fi is disabled on the NDS)

There is some freaky IP stuff going on here. Note that I have a fixed ip address on the NDS

I’m wary of ‘fixed’ IP addresses.
Is it inside the BT assigned licence number block as it needs to be, so try resetting to DHCP & go from there.

With my BT SH2 I just have mine set to ‘Always use this IP Address’ ‘Yes’
I’ve had the same IP number since I first bought the NDX & it’s been unchanged with all the hubs since BT HH3.

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Have you got any extenders etc for your BT network? I have the BT complete thing and my NDX can see two networks and only connects to one.

Yes I have a BT Smarthub-2 extender disc. It’s the BT black coloured disc that’s specifically designed to partner the Smarthub-2.

The iPad connects to either the main hub or the extender disc depending on where I am in the house, or even where I’m sitting in the listening room, it does this without any intervention, as it’s effectively the same network.
The NDX is wired via a network switch to the main SH2 hub.

I have similar. NDX connects to the main hub.

iPad connection is patchy but it works much better with the phone.

Mine was playing up this week as well. Rebooting the hub seemed to fix it. But it sounds like you’ve done all this

I don’t understand your last sentence, ‘seems like you’ve done all this’.
I’ve never had a problem since way back when I had a BT HH 3 or 4 when I moved away from static IP addresses.

What extender disc do you have, if it’s the black one I would try a fresh ethernet cable handshake.
If it’s a white disc, they are a problem with SH2 & you need to consider changing to a black disc.

I meant it seems like you’ve rebooted your hub this week etc.

I have the back disc. But looking at the Admin settings I can see the NDX connects to the main hub (You can see which device connects to which bit with the app or on the Admin page. You probably know this).

I have no connection issues with Naim App on my phone. I prefer to use the iPad but that is more flaky. Probably because it’s an older iPad on iOS 12.

Did your iRadio problems start at the same time?

You/we seem to be misunderstanding.
I’ve never rebooted my hub, the only times are when I have time away from home or when BT do their overnight auto restart.
I’ve never had iRadio problems
My iPad is 15.1, phone is the same, but I rarely use the app on the phone
My original post on this thread was concerning fixed IP address, have you reset both the BT hub & NDS to DCHP ?

Not yet - next thing to try - will report back

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Crossed wires. I was confusing you and the OP

Some progress !!

Reverting NDS to DHCP=Yes and iradio is back!
Thanks Mike-B.

Outstanding issue is why one of my 3 NAS devices only shows up in the app, but not on the streamer itself.

I will have a look at the NAS networking tomorrow.

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Yes I realised, confuzzed dot com

It looks like time for the IT fix up everyting trick ….
Power all off, then turn on, one at a time, broadband hub first & let it finish, then each NAS, one at a time to finish, then the NDS, then the control devise(s)

Well, I am getting closer - after a full reboot I can see minim server on my previously absent Synology, but but not the original media server, which is a further puzzle.

At least I have full functionality back now so thanks for the advice!

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