Nas synology ds718+/Automatic shutdown and ignition

Hi everyone, I have heavy-duty bricklayers in my house for a while. I wanted to ask to avoid problems if it is possible on the nas synology ds718 + to turn it off every morning at 08.00 and turn it on again in the evening after 21.00. can someone post some pictures on how to program without me making problems or malfunctions? Thank you.

See 3rd section “How to Schedule Shutdowns and Startups”:

Thanks, it works well off and on. Unfortunately, the stand by or suspension that I had programmed after 15 minutes of inactivity does not work! :thinking::joy::sob:

thing is, if anything is accessing the nas then this will prevent sleep, polling of the upnp for instance.

Ciao Andrea, why not just turn it on & off as & when you need it.

Hi Mike, Ok. Would you do the shutdown from the on-off button of the nas? Always power on from this button?

… err strange question. Yes I would use the NAS bower button.

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