NAT 02 not working

I’ve been sitting on this Tuner for quite a while now (ouch). The display is dim compared to normal, and there is little or no sound output.

It looks like a like a PSU problem to me. I wonder if anyone has any other ideas, and how much I might need to pay, to get the lovely 02 working again?

Darren at Class A has done excellent work for me in the past. Or maybe this is a job for Naim?

I need to keep costs low as I may decide to sell the 02.

I hope you are all able to enjoy some excellent
music, this evening, no matter what source you use.


Phil, the tuners require very specific equipment, so AFAIK only the Naim factory can service them properly. Best to get in touch with your Naim dealer to arrange some TLC at Naim HQ. The NAT02 is well worth getting properly sorted.


Thanks Richard. I’m going to proceed as you suggest above.

Hi Klyde,

Have you checked that it isn’t an issue with your aerial feed? Dim display & muted output may suggest it is receiving a very weak signal.


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Agreed. If you have access to a friends aerial that you know is good, or a dealer with the same, it’s worth checking that first, as it will be a cheaper fix. If the 02 does need attention though I’d say it was worth the outlay. A classic piece of kit.

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Phil, are both the signal and stereo leds illuminated when tuned to a station?

If not, and with a dim display, it is most likely to be an issue with the aerial. So, as others have suggested, it’s worth eliminating that as the cause before anything else.

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Many thanks to all you all. I’m going to try the later ideas also. Although I’m retired I am very busy at the moment.

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