Nat 05 XS display flickering when hided

Hello community.

My Nat 05 XS was bought around 2013.
The display does not accept the dimming anymore and it is flickering since yesterday. But it does not when I am near around 1 m. Very strange, thought of some haunting. So at a distance of 2m the display comes back every 5 seconds instead of being gone by pushing disp on the remote control.

On the picture you see that the display (same for the CD X2 XS) has also got some mark, I suppose it was a lack of oxygen as I covered the total system with bedsheets.

Is their any possibility of warranty possible for that music-biz Germany would repair these or at least the flickering display issue?

Thanks and have a great week-end. Hf

Just a note about the window on the display - it looks like it has been maybe been pushed in at some point and the filter has stuck.

If it was bought in 2013 it’s likely well outside of warranty. Best liaise with your dealer regarding possible repair.

Hello Richard. Nobody else except me touched the Naim components and I looked after it like the holy Grale. There never was any action or pushing on these 2 displays. It was out of reach for any accidental touching. So the same display flickering will happen to my CDX2 XS, that would be a catastroph. Thanks. I’ll live with it then and I can get a Nat 05 XS for 250 eur now at my local dealer. I’m thinking about that. Kind regards. jl

Here you see the display issue from my CDX2 XS

Kind regards.

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