Nat 101 tuner

Why do some nat 101 and snaps connect differently to each other i sorry that iam asking very old questions as I am using a nap 110 with a nac 32.5 crome bumper and I have always wanted naim tuner thank you for reading my post

I have owned my Nat 101 / Snaps from new 1986 the power supply was sent back to Naim to have potentiometer fitted to adjust the voltage. The 101 tuner needs a supply of 24.5 volts, a 4 pin Snaic from the Snaps to the 101 and then a another 4 pin Snaic to the 32.5.



Do they?

I know the early NAT01 and NAPST had a slightly different connection, mainly because the NAPST was originally designed to power not just the NAT01 but also a mooted AM version as well. When this was dropped so was the DIN7 connection.

Thanks you Mark for your help that helps

Any idea how many modified XPS power supplies Naim made for the NAT01? I curse the fact that I couldn’t afford one at the time!

Nick, I can’t recall the exact number, but it wasn’t many, and IIRC, most of them went to the US.

I think @RonToolsie confirmed it was around a dozen.

One XPS-T popped up on EBay a few months ago along with a 01HU and was bought by a forum member; @Steve.


It is that I notice that some of the nat 101 have got 5pin din on and I found some of them did not have any to connect to preamp only a 4pin snake that goes from amp to preamp I no that i will need to get a snaps to go with the nat 101 cheers

I have the XPS-T mine went to Naim for a service and while there I spoke to them and they said less than 10 were made and they don’t even have one!

I figured there would most likely not be another available ever again so grabbed it. I know @Polarbear has one but unsure if any other members have one.

According to Naim its more than just an XPS-2 with a different output. The internals are quite different and make it impossible to DR.

@Nick.Lees do you remember how much they charged when they were for sale?

Don’t remember - just “too rich for me”! I could pitch for one now, though there’s always the race between “the much postponed switch-off of FM” and “being too old to tell the difference to consider” :slight_smile:


…and how does it sound @Steve? Are you pleased with it?

Good chance that this is your one then Steve:

I had to take a snap due to its rarity!



Yes, I have an XPS-t, one of a very limited number. I believe there was only six of them ever made. Naim didn’t think they could sell them in sufficient numbers to make it commercially viable. It is more than a beefed up XPS, it was completely reworked internally and took my NAT 01 to new heights.


I guess it could be! Probably the only one you had back for a while! Great to be able to see inside, not that I understand much about the internals but nice to see anyway!! Thanks for posting.

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