NAT01/02 and interconnect choice

Interested to hear members’ experience/choice of interconnect between NAT 01 or 02 to Naim pre. Lavender, HiLine, SuperLumina or other brand?

I tried the Hi-Line between my NAT03 and NAC552, and have gone back to the Lavender/grey interconnect. I think for analogue sources the lavender/grey is hard to beat.


I always used Hi-Line on mine which seemed fine. No need for anything more expensive at least for me.

Interesting Richard, I am currently switching back and forth between Lavender and HiLine. Have not decided yet which one is more engaging :blush:

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I use a hiline on my NAT01. I doubt there is much difference between it and the lavender but I had it spare so used it.

I use Chord Sarum SA. It’s good.

The 01 needs servicing, but I can’t bring myself to be without it! It is an astonishing piece of kit.

Tried a hiline on my 02. Went back to the lavender.


Lavender here. Never tried the Hi-Line though.

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I have a Tellurium Q Black between my NAT05 and Supernait 3. It works very nicely. The lavender was longer and floppier and dangled on the floor, looking untidy.

I tried both Lavender and Hi-Line, with Lavender being my final choice for my NAT 01.

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