hello everyone

does anyone know the date and serial number when the nat01 changed from the non serviceable vacuum display, i have had a look ie google and i think is 1991!!

Naim history, only shows the box ie CB change.

I assume you can’t tell, without opening the box!!



Paul, I’ll check through my notes as I think I have this info somewhere, but it will have to wait until Monday I’m afraid. Adam Might be able to dredge up some info in the meantime.

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Hi Paul,
If you are considering purchase of an early NAT01 (Chrome bumper) then (as you are doing) it’s important to do your diligence on its history to ensure you are aware of the display type.
I’ve recently been through this process and ended up going for a later olive NAT01 from a very reputable dealer in Herts. It was actually a Naim staff build from the mid nineties.
Aside from the display considerations, as Richard advised a few weeks ago, the Olive NAT01 has an improved power supply to that in the CB version so that was an important consideration for me.
In any event I’m sure you will be delighted with it when you find the right one and you have a decent quality aerial feeding it. The NAT01 is very special and an absolute delight to listen to.
Good luck with your search…

Adam, thanks. That may well be the same info I have in my notes. I’ll check on Monday.

thats wonderful, just what I wanted
thanks for all your wisdom Adam and Richard

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