I was able to snap up to be of the last Nat05s made. Question - how does one turn it off? Yes - I can turn it off from the back but is there an equivalent of pressing the stop button on a CD player? I want it to stop outputting to the analog output.
Or is this one Naim unit that one should turn off ?

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The power off switch on the back is all it has, it’s intended to be left on all the time.
Why do you want it to stop ?


All you need to do is mute the preamp or switch to a different input.

Cause it’s working unnecessarily converting radio signals to analog out…
Isn’t it easier on the circuitry to not do anything? Maybe I’m missing something…

No it’s better leaving it on. Mine is on the whole time 24/7 it’s fine. As @hungryhalibut says when you’ve finished listening just mute.



Yes, Naim like all manufacturers know their products sound better when having been on for some time. Therefore their products are designed to sound at their best the second you use them, the trade off with this is that they are designed to be on 24/7

I had a Nat 03 that was upstairs in the box room for 16 years without being used, I switched it on earlier this year. It took two hours to sound at it’s best but now it’s on 24/7.

I switch the appropriate channel on my amp and am rewarded with peak sound at the press of a button. It probably needs a service but is working fine after 25 plus years

It’s up to you, leaving circuitry working is not wearing anything out & the power consumption is very low, I measured mine at 7VA (watts)

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Mine is left turned on 24/7 except if I’m going away for a few days or more, then I turn it off with the switch on the rear.
I also turn it off and disconnect it completely along with all of my audio equipment in the event of a thunder / electrical storm.

I suppose the obvious response is ‘so what’. Presumably you leave your amplifier switched on when there is no music playing. The tuner is no different. Not being an electronic engineer (hurrah!) I don’t know the technicalities but it it’s not actually playing I can’t imagine it’s doing anything at all.

‘morning Nigel, the NAT is still receiving & sending an analogue signal to its output, but if the preamp input is off that’s as far as it goes.

Thanks Mike.

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