Natural documentary

I saw a really nice documentary/movie at the cinema yesterday,La panthere des neiges.Made by the French naturalistic photographer Vincent Munier with the writer Sylvain Tesson,setted in Tibet.Astonishing landscapes and some fantastic photos.Worth to watch it.

Yes, fantastic isn’t it, and a little different from the BBC/Attenborough style that I’m afraid I now find very tedious. (Wow, that is a heresy!)

I saw it at Bradford Pictureville Cinema, all the better to appreciate the photography and, of course, the soundtrack by Nick Cave/Warren Ellis.


Thank you so much for your reply,BruceW.

Snow Leopards. Beautiful cats. I’ve photographed the ones at Marwell Zoo. A real privilege to see them and the cubs.

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I read Sylvain Tesson’s Dans les forêts de Sibérie translated as The Consolations of the Forest about his solo life for months in a cabin on the shore of Lake Baikal with pleasure mingled with a sense of his naive foolishness and daring a few years ago. Recommended. Thanks for suggesting this film.


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