NAXO 2-4 for Linn Kans

I am currently running an active Linn Kans system. At the moment, the crossover is an elderly CB NAXO, but recently, I purchased an olive NAXO 2-4 at a good price. At the moment, it is configured for SBLs/SL2s. I am given to understand that the Kan and SBL crossovers are similar, but I am wondering if it is worth the effort of getting the crossover point moved and if so, will Naim do this?

Just one bump, in case somebody knows the answer!

Have you emailed Naim with that question? I’ve always found them pretty quick to respond. For what it’s worth I think the SBL setup will work fine with Kans, as it does with IBLs.

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IIRC, the crossover points are compatible - I recall in Naim stores there was a pair active Kans pressed into service with a set of Naim passive crossovers connected to their rear. However, the levels may need some tweaking.

If you want confirmation one way or the other, you could try contacting support at the factory. I’m sure Jason or Mark would be able to advise.


Mark & Richard, many thanks for your replies. Regarding the crossover point, I suspected that this would be the case; the current CB NAXO I have was originally from an IBL owner, and it works fine, I will as you both suggest, email Naim too.

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