Naxo 2-4 for Linn Sara


I found a pair of Linn Sara Active.
Do you think a Naxo 2-4 can do a good job of Crossover?


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Yes, the NAXO 2-4 and Active Linn Saras were essentially made for one another.

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Great! :tada:
Thank you Richard

I should add though that NAXO 2-4s were also made for some other speakers, so you should find out which speakers any particular NAXO 2-4 was designed to partner. Chances are, it would have been Saras or SBLs, but some other speakers may have required different crossover frequency.


Which cables and what length can I use in the extension of the Linn Sara xlr outputs to connect my 5m Naca5?


Maybe I misunderstand, the Naxo will need to be connected to your preamp (probably via a HiCap that powers it)

The two (or four) outputs from the Naxo will need to go to your poweamps (two stereo or four mono).

Each Poweramp channel will power one of the speaker drivers (e.g. left bass, right treble) so you will need four lengths of NACA5, one per speaker driver.

Critically important that you do not connect a bass output to a tweeter. I always check and check again, connecting the bass first and playing at low volume.

Hello Stephen,

I have an idea to connecté Naxo for having an SBL 4x135 active system.
My question is what cables to use for XLR (Sara) to Bananas (Naca5) ~1 meter


I thought I’d misunderstood something!

What you suggest would work but if it was me I would be very tempted to re-terminate the banana connections with the XLR rather than adding in the adapters with the additional plug/socket interface as shown.

Also, I would expect that the 135s would appreciate 3.5m of NACA5 rather than 1m.

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The xlr / Bananas adapters will come out of Sara to connect to 4x5 meters of Naca5, no worries.

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