I have a chrome bumper-based system (32.5, 2 x NAP 250 and 2 x HiCap) with SBL mkII speakers.
I know this should work well with a NAXO 2-4, but how about a SNAXO 2-4, and if so then how should it be connected?

Assuming an olive SNAXO2-4 and a brace of NAP250s, it’s the same way as the NAXO2-4, one 250 drives the left speaker, the other drives the right (the so-called “split vertically”). It changed for the black SNAXO 242, where one 250 drives the bass units, and the other drives the mid/trebles (often referred to as “split horizontally”)

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Only issue is if someone re-wired the SNAXO 2-4 to work “horizontal” like the later SNAXO 242 and mentioned this when selling it on.

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Yes, Olive SNAXO. Thank you.

I’m not aware of any rewiring. Thank you.

The usual top tip is to first only connect the bass units to check they are working as they should be.

Thanks, sounds like good advice.

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