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Can anyone tell me where the cards go when installing the bottom transit screws on NBLs ?

I have a manual that says that if you tighten the screws without the cards in place (“between the screw flange and the bass enclosure”) first you can damage something, but I can’t see where they go. There are no obvious gaps and the cutouts and indentations in the cards don’t seem to match anything.



OK, I think I found where the cards go, but this has raised an issue. One of the speakers has a gap between the lower inner and outer enclosures but the other one does not. It suggests that at some point before or during installation the transit screws have been tightened without the cards in place and this has pulled the gap shut, presumably meaning that the bass enclosure doesn’t work properly any more. Does anyone know if there is a way of fixing this ?

Mark, if I were you I would contact someone like Chris Murphy who may be able to advise on this. Otherwise, email the Naim factory and ask someone like @mark.raggett if they can remember.

Hi Mark,

thanks to Mark B and Mark R at the factory, here are some photos of how the packing cards fit;



From Mark B: “This is a picture of the bottom/underside of a cabinet. The (4) nuts are the only thing that keeps the bottom box in place – they (the nuts) are held in place by foam pads and the downward force of the rest of the cabinet. It is possible that these nuts have moved if the speaker was moved with the transit cards installed – this would explain the lack of a gap on one side”

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Massive thanks Richard (and the 2 Marks). That was exactly what I needed to sort it out.

Now I just need to figure out where to get replacement grills.

Mark, you should try the factory first, or maybe ask if Chris Murphy has any spare tucked away - you never know. Otherwise, if you still have your originals, you could try to get them repaired. It’s usually the rubber band that perishes and requires replacement.

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