NBL suitable amp?

Just seen a truly beautiful pair of sh NBL speakers at Ripcaster - what is the minimum amp to drive these - I’m guessing a Supernait 2 isn’t enough?

Ideally a Nap 500 but I guess a Nap 300 would be the minimum power amp I would use :slight_smile:

The minimum power amp for the passive NBL is the NAP250, although you’d probably want a NAP250.2 or 250DR rather than an earlier type. Better is a pair of NAP135s, better still a NAP300, or a NAP500, although ideally the NBL was originally designed as an active speaker, and it definitely works best that way to my mind.

n.b. Note that you’ll need not only a great source, but also a great pre-amp too.


Thanks - they looked just really lovely. Shame out of my amp/sources range and also might stretch my wife’s patience…

NBLs can be paired with a Nap 250-2 but will shine active with 3. Excellent with a Nac 52 or better.

They are truly wonderful speakers and very elegant to look at too. I used mine passive with two 135s and then a 500. As Richard says if you can run to active say with some s/h olive amps and a 52 you would have the makings of a truly wonderful system as long as you have a good enough front end.
I have replaced mine now with Kudos 808s but it has taken me a long time to find speakers to better the NBLs.

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I ran mine initially with a 282/hi/250-2, which was no hardship but there was more to come with each upgrade. Sources were a mk2 Rock/Aro/DV17D3/Superline(AUX2) and a CDX2/555ps. These would be 12k speakers by now I should think so you won’t find many who have tried a 202/200 on them but the load is a fairly benign 4Ω so you might get away with it but they will probably drive you to upgrade the rest of the system fairly quickly. Positioning them is not trivial, nor are they immune to damage if not transported properly with all transit screws in place.

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When I first bought my nibbles I had a 300 amp and a very difficult room in which I don’t think they were ever able to thrive and deliver their best. When I swapped out the 300 for a 500 there was a very noticeable grip/ drive/ control introduced. They did still sound very sweet with various albums using the 300 which I would suggest represents the most appropriate starting point to let them sing.


I originally drove mine with a pair of 135s, which was fine for years, but they came alive when I swapped to a NAP500. Superb loudspeaker IMHO.

The NBL’s are so gorgeous that I’m sure your wife would love them!
However, 250 minimum, 300 much better, active 250’s better still :slight_smile:


I once heard a pair of NBLs on a 300 and it was dammed good.



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