NBL Tweeter Replacement

@Richard.Dane - Hoping you can clarify the replacements I need to order for my NBL’s. I’ve found two different sets and unsure of which ones to order. It’s been a busy week for you and all the updates on the new gear has been awesome.

This one seems to be the original…
willys-hifi scanspeak-classic-d2010-851100-tweeter

This is one on a U.S. website but only has three holes for screws…
madisoundspeakerstore scanspeak/scanspeak-d2008/8511-3/4-textile-dome-tweeter/

This one seems like a new one offered…
willys-hifi scanspeak-d2010-852100-classic-range

They have discontinued the original and has been replaced with an updated version, which as I understand needs a slightly different sized hole. I am sure someone can clarify.

The correct tweeters for the NBL are a pair of Scanspeak D2010-851100.

Note that this is a version without Ferrofluid. There’s a similar looking version that comes with Ferrofluid, so be careful.

Note that this tweeter has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer, so don’t hang about if you see any old stock still for sale.

p.s. I’ve removed the commercial links - please don’t post unauthorised commercial links in the Hifi Corner, thanks.

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Thanks @Richard.Dane Sorry for putting those links in there.

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Go for the Scanspeak D2010-851100 listed on Willys HiFi grab a pair before they run out

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Nothing to do with tweeters, but the company that made the original Jeep for the US Military was called Willys. Is it the same company?

No. Completely different.

Thanks, Richard. That would have been a wide stretch of activity, if it were one company.

Ordered yesterday, thanks everyone! See how long it takes to get to the U.S. As far as assembly/replacement, is it something I can do or should take to a dealer?

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It would appear there’s a lot of Willys about :dizzy_face:

I use Willys Worms, for worms for my fishing


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Not sure of the tweeter removal process on the NBL (SL2 fairly easy) but use 60/40 lead based solder.

The solder connections may require a hot glue gun.

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