NBL Tweeters pushed in

My two year old son pushed in the tweeter dome of my NBL’s a couple days ago. I was able to get them back out with the help of a gentle vacuum cleaner. Not the first time it’s happened, so shame on me. Haven’t turned the kit on since and am wondering what I should be listening for as far as damage. Not even sure you can get replacement tweeters. I know you can’t get grills as those would have been on long ago. Any advice?


My son did something similar many years ago. The insurance company were very good about it though, with a new for old replacement policy. I actually love the new son just as much as I did the old one.


Have a listen and you’ll know if they sound ok. If not, home insurance is your friend. Why not ask Naim what the grille material is and then get some more made. When I had SBLs and the children were small we attached the foam grilles with black elastic after they had wrecked two sets of tweeters. They soon grow (the children, not the tweeters) and you’ll look back on those days with wonderful memories.

Probably it will be fine, providing that the voice coil hasn’t been pushed off centre. You will soon hear if it has.

Regarding replacement tweeters, I should call Naim and ask them, or get your dealer to. If the original is no longer available then Naim may be able to advise on an alternative or at least a specification that you could source from one of the loudspeaker drive unit manufacturers.

By the way I agree with HH about getting some grills. The NBLs will look better anyway and your son will soon lose interest in the out of sight domes.



NBL grills are more sort of a black stocking held to a frame with a peripheral O ring in a groove rather than the usual Naim foam. They don’t perish but they won’t keep little finger at bay either.


I think I recall that NBL tweeters are pretty standard scanspeaks similar to SBLs and you should be able to source them in the unfortunate event there is a problem.

Yes, I know. I was more thinking out of sight, out of mind.

Yes I reread the original post and realised he didn’t have them any more. Should be easy enough to make with access to a sewing machine if the frames haven’t been removed from the speakers. The O ring stock looks to be around 4mm dia but check with Naim.

Excellent reply, I showed it to my wife who also laughed uproariously.


Thanks, but I’ll admit, it’s not my original joke. I recalled it from someone else on this forum posting it years ago. It’s likely been repeated a few times over the years, I’d guess.

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It bears lots of repetition!



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