NC 250 into 552

I’m going to plan on picking up a NC 250 for my Nova this week. I wanted to try it out in the main system as well. Would the Chord Music XLR-Din connections I use now with my 500 DR also work with NC 250 to connect to my 552 DR PS?

There is a ‘compatibility & cable information’ pdf file floating around but I do not have the link.

The 552 is not listed on the compatibility chart.

No the connections are wired differently. You’ll need the appropriate adapter cables. Type 7 should do it but your dealer will be able to advise.

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ok, thank you. I’ll have to ask them as well.

Will be interested in your findings please.

Sure thing. I’ll see if I can source the 250 and appropriate cables as well. Too bad you couldn’t just use existing Din-XLR cables (Superlumina, Chord, etc.)


You need a 4 Pin Din to Balanced XLR to go from the 552PS to the NC250.

Designacable makes an inexpensive one.

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