NCD 555 PS PSU Vs NDX2 + power supplie

Does the quality of a ripped CD depend on the quality of the CD player?

Now you’ve gone and done it :see_no_evil: :joy:


It depends on the quality of the CD ripper and the software.
DB Poweramp is a good and cheap way to do Accurate CD ripping.

Auralic have recommended that a not too expensive cd ripper used with a decent low noise psu. I think they cited pioneer and a couple of computer brands.
I personally use an expensive Melco with psu.

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DB poweramp and melco d100 as ripper has very good results!

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I wouldn’t completely agree with that statement and suggest it will still depend greatly on each component being at its best. I had a node running and Ndac and 555DR power supply being fed by a Naim Core and on balance I would say the CDP555 was still better than the Node/Core as a rip combination. Inserting an ND555 changed this and now the rips are better than streaming or the CD player, so I still suggest the source first rule is in play!

Nd555 is a beast - even with one psu only :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Never heard a Node,but it applies to NDX and NDS,in my experience.
Rips are better than streaming in my experience also :+1:

I have been using a ND555 for several years but had couple of problems my dealer loaned me a NDS and NDX2 using my 555ps the ND555 is the best by a country mile.

I thought the NDX2 was very very good at its price point.

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Rips are slightly better, but with PN switch streaming is very good.
Never heard a cd555 but when I compared cdx /XPs against hdx /nDAC/XPs the latter were superior to my ears.

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cheers. Do you recomend the Unity Core?

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Yes that’s a great ripper ! :+1:

I have no direct experience of streamers but do own a CD555 with dual PS555 DR’s. I think how you listen to music and the size of your CD collection needs to also be considered. I have two thousand CD’s and also appreciate the whole ritual of physical media, deciding what to play and loading it, in addition to owning the album version that I want are important. I appreciate depending on what you have, you could rip and stream but still not the ritual I want when listening. As for sound quality, I would guess your whole system will determine this, but for me, the sound is revealing whilst never fatiguing, no matter what genre I play, system just sounds fully engaging with a muscular presence and provides me with everything my ears are going to hear!

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For me ,when hearing how much better streamed ripped CD’s sounded,I had no problem giving up the CD555.

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