ND 555 bloomin’ Buttons!

Having stripped the whole system down last week, I now find that the vertical row of buttons remain stubbornly illuminated, regardless of the fact that I have successfully managed to have the screen turn off during replay.

Someone did post, on Ye Olde Forum, that they’d figured out a workaround for this, so purlease, can you help me out, as it’s driving me bonkers. I can live with the gently glowing Naim logos, but the vertical row of green eyes is driving me to distraction.

Oh, and thanks a lot Naim, for the lack of a proper manual, other than the “Quick Startup Guide “ either online, or as supplied with the unit.

Note to Salisbury, “must try harder”! :frowning::frowning:

New Naim md was interviewed saying proper manuals are coming back tbd

On the remote, second row on the right, the one that looks like an asterisk, will cycle through brightness levels.

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When listening last evening, with the music room lights dimmed, the illuminated buttons were driving me up the wall … you can’t “unsee”, them, right?

My thought processes took me back to initial setup of the ND555, when, on powering it up, the unit would forget the dimmed settings on the buttons, regardless of the Naim logo setting, and someone had indeed worked out how to overcome this.

I don’t actually have any use for the ND555 remote, so it just sits there, looking forlorn and forgotten … except for the fact that I had given it a dust down on Sunday, and the rest, as they say, is history. :roll_eyes:

Thanks, Yeti, for pointing out the “brightness” button, which has returned things to their murky normality, whilst the overall “bright” setting on the logo has been retained.

Note to self : Pay more attention to what you’re doing. Doh!

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