ND 555 - firmware 3.8.1

Last time I did update from 3.8.0 to 3.8.1 and I feel I did mistake again …
I remember 3.7.1 was the worst sounding firmware but 3.8.1. is also worse sounding then predecessor …
3.8.1 is much better then 3.7.1 but again not as good as 3.8.0 and 3.7.0 …
I noticed following differences;

  • flat sound
  • quieter
  • sound is little muted
  • less pronounced
  • less open
  • more heavy on middle bass
  • more delicate (but I do not like it)
  • bass is not as deep as it was on 3.8.0.
    3.8.0 in terms of sound quality was much better in my system!!!
    Something wrong with my ND555 which is very sensitive to firmware changes???
    I really would like to have my ND555 sounding like on the beginning …

With the nds you could load the old version back on if you preferred it. May be worth looking into.

Can’t do that with the new platform streamers like ND555.

Have you turned it off for a few hours and then back on?

Wow, that’s disappointing. With the nds I’ve often reverted back. Luckily the latest version is now the best.

Naim can send you the older firmware and easy to install. I have done in the past but now happy with the latest firmware. ND555

I’ve found many of the update versions sounded a little different and some I did not like, but settled-down and came good in my system.

I do find - for me in my system - these updates seem to take a few days to settle-in and sound good.
What is happening - does the update process stress things or am I getting used to it - or both unknown.

There is more low-bass definition - a lot more and that can stress system set-up with more LF energy so worth re-checking all those system set-up things.

I hope it eventually works-out for you.


Naim can do that but they don’t like to do it unless there is an actual bug in latest firmware that is causing a particular owner an actual problem.

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