ND 555 in a non Naim system? Thoughts?

My speakers are Avantgarde Duo XD with either the Misho Wooden preamp and amp combo (from Bulgaria) or CJ GAT2 and various low power solid state amps with a Bricasti M1SE dac as my only source.

I still have and love my Supernait2 that will be used in another room with the Bricasti once it’s replaced in my main system.

I’ve always loved Naim and am really drawn to the new ND555 but have not been able to demo it.

I know this might be difficult for someone to answer for me, but I’d like your opinion at least.

At this price point, MSB, Chord and even Lampizator are in the running.

I love Naim flow and PRAT.

I prefer DACs (and my system) with a smooth, sweet and meaty presentation.

Thank you for your help.

Welcome Joe thats a tough question as i don,t think many on the forum who have an nd 555 have heard your system. I have heard the NDX2 with Supernait a number of times and its a really good pairing. If the ND555 did not workout in your main system, it may be a bit overkill but would provide great music through the Supernait. You really need to get a demo though, preferably at home. As for the other contenders its again a personal preference. I listened to the Chord Dave, but i felt the ND555 brought the emotion of a performance to life, the Chord a bit more clinical. But again its a matter of personal preference.

Thank you so much.

My original thoughts were to pair the ND555 with the supernait2 and eventually upgrade the SN2 from there.

Once I discovered my Avantgarde and sweet SET, it was game over for anything else.

I appreciate your input. I do need a demo of whatever I intend to live with long term.

Thanks again.

the nd555 with conrad johnson gat 2 pre should be awesome. The Avantgarde are active?

Bass is active on the Avantgarde with 1000wpc per speaker. Sensitivity is 107 dB at 18 ohms. I have amps from 2wpc on up and could not be happier.

I’ve had the SN2 on them with great success but wanted a little more sweetness for my taste.

My gut tells me that the ND555 will actually be great in my main system.

And yes, the GAT2 is awesome and should be even more so with the ND555.

The only problem can be tube rush and noise from your Gat with naim.
I once tried the conrad johnson ct5 ( i think it was that) with naim cdx2. No problem.
But conrad johnson phono pre, in naim 282, was not a great success: too much tubes rush.

Conrad Johnson does have high gain, but so far in my system with quiet amps, the GAT2 has been wonderful.

I don’t expect the ND555 to be noisy, my Bricasti isn’t.

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I know you should take reviews with a pinch of salt but when the NDS was reviewed it was commented how well it went into non Naim systems, being a first class source in its own right.

I don’t see why the same shouldn’t apply to the ND555 which takes things one step further.

I’m hoping that’s the case. I have some time but would like to demo the 555 at some point.

I have the Naim NDS/555DR in a non-Naim system, with Sim Audio Moon amplification, B&W 805 Signatures, Michel Orbe/SME V/Lyra Skala into a Bakoon Reference phono stage, a Meridian 200 transport, Tag McLaren AV processor & DVD transport, it, the HiLine (DIN-RCA) & the Fraim glass, cups & balls are the only Naim components.
It works as a great Streaming source & even better as a Roon Endpoint with the Sonore UPnP bridge.

Thank you so much for the reply Simon. I really appreciate it.

Very nice system BTW.

you have one of the best preamp in the world. With the nd555, you will be in heaven!

here a photo of the Gat.

It is not only pretty, but absolutely sounds awesome.

Thank you for the kind words. I’m very lucky.

Something tells me that the ND555 will add even more musicality to my system. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready but I am excited at the prospect.

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I am running a ND555/PSU555 in a non Naim system. It started with the speakers which are the Apogee Scintilla Ribbons, which dictated the Krell KSA-80B class A poweramp. New to digital audio but decided to forgo vinyl and CD and focus on the best digital I could get. Went for a Unity Core to rip CD’s and the ND555. Planned to go directly into the power amp, even though I had the same impedance as a Naim Preamp, I found that a Preamp was required. Went with the Townshend DC 47 Autotransformer unit. Using Inakustiks speaker cables, and Townshend f1 Fractal Interconnects.

My wish list includes Roon, Nucleus, MQA and a 552.

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I had Apogee Duetta II speakers back in the day. I remember them well. I bet your Scintilla are amazing. Looks like an awesome system.

Thank you for sharing.

I was reading the other day that the Bryston cubed amps work very well with the Apogee Scintillas

works great with Nagra pre:-) you can’t go wrong…

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joeindid and dozey
Thanks for the comments. The system does sound amazing. I will have to look at the Bryston Cube amps. They would have to drive one ohm.

I am currently restoring another pair of Scintillas using new ribbons, V Caps, One Ohm Characteristic Impedance f1 Fractal wire from the amp connection, thru an external Townshend Isolated Box external to the speakers, along with ribbon wound inductors. One continuous run from amp terminals to the ribbons with no breaks and virtually no connections.

Saw a pair of Krell 200 mono blocks class A amps on Audiogon and was very tempted.

The beat goes on. Always another upgrade.

From my experience and my personal taste, I went from Bryston 28bsst2 amps that I actually really loved and enjoyed to the Cubed version. I did not like the Cubed amps. The treble, for me, was too sharp and aggressive. I know several other friends who owned Cubed amps and thought the same. It was a disaster.

Please demo first. As to driving one ohm, I don’t know.

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Check this out, Duo XD with NDS, works very well together.