ND 555 screen flickering

I’ve not yet had a frozen screen, but as recently as this afternoon, when I wandered through to the music room, the screen was flickering.

A power down and re-boot sorted things out, but since the screen is set to “off”, this is slightly worrying.

Do I assume that this issue might also be addressed in the next firmware update?

No, you should send an email or thru the App, it’s not a recent fault on the forum?

How do shut the screen off on the ND555?

Under “settings”, there’s an option to have the screen off during replay.

You need to access settings with the remote control thru the front screen, not the App…select screen off. The full description is on the Naim website for the Nd 555. If it’s flickering, this is a faulty unit and you should as well talk to Naim via the dealer.

Personally I don’t think that sounds normal.

I had an Atom which intermittently got a random greyscale pixellated display which was RMAd.

Unless there’s a known bug that causes this, I think you have to consider a display or display circuitry fault, which should be addressed on any device let alone an ND 555. Talk to your dealer.

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