ND 555 software upgrade

Hope someone can help me. I have updated the firmware for the ND555 lately and since then it crashes within 5 min when listening to DSD files via a NAS drive. Is in possible to downgrade the firmware?

The following thread covers the last firmware update.
You probably should post your experience there:
–> New firmware update

Hi Thomas, well noted and much appriciated.

Contact Naim directly via their support email. In the mean time try disconnecting the power or go further and try a full factory reset.

hello to all
After reading all the horror stories about the last update, I haven’t tried it yet. I own an NDX2 and I wonder if I’ll screw it up if I do it?
thank you

I would echo Gazza’s advice here. A power out re-boot may be all it needs though…

Hi Gazza, thanks I did indeed already, no replay yet.

AFAIK, Support’s official advice is as follows:

Close the Naim app (don’t just minimise it).
Power off (unplug) the unit and leave for a good 10 minutes or so.
In this time, it may also be worth rebooting the router, just to give everything a chance to refresh.
When the router is back up and running, switch the Naim unit back on and allow to fully boot up.
Then open up the Naim app, connect to the appropriate ‘Room’.

If you are using any streaming services then log out first and log back in last.

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Hi guys, thanks for all the help. I found the cause. It was a network problem due to the Melco switch. This device makes a mess sometimes of my complete network.

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Hi Richard, it seems it is also not the network which cause the regular crash of my ND555. I found out the streaming of DSF files is working perfectly, but DFF files are given the trouble. And this happened after the latest firmware upgrade. Should I contact NAIM directly for i?

Yes please.

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