ND5 + NAC 202 + NAIT XS3 + NAP 200?

Firstly, I don’t know the Nait XS3, but from the specs on the Naim site, I would say there are two options to feed your stereo signal to the NAP 200: from the variable line outputs (1) pre-amp (DIN) and (2) Sub (RCA). The bi-amp (DIN) I am not sure about. I assume that connecting the pre-amp out (DIN) of the XS3 with the input (DIN) of the NAP 200 is the best option.

The NAP 200 does not need a separate power supply, so no issues there.

See also this screenshot from the XS3 specs where it says there are three variable outputs on the XS3.

I’m intrigued as to why you are pursuing this so doggedly. Now you have the 202 to go with your 200 the Nait XS is irrelevant, so why worry?

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Thanks afgverhart. I agree that the best option would be the pre-amp out (DIN) of the XS3 with the input (DIN) of the NAP 200…but this doesn’t work. Naim have said that the XS3 requires either a power source like a Flatcap, or to use the sub out.

As Neil said above.

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Because this is a Naim forum that specialises in discussing & answering sometimes technical queries. I’m not proficient enough to answer the question myself, but am curious enough to ask it, and want to learn. The fact that I’m getting different answers to the same question is interesting.

I wouldn’t characterise this curiosity as either a ‘worry’ or ‘dogged’; I thought these discussions made up the tapestry of a forum like this!

The Atom is an all in one. The only upgrade path available is to add a power amp.

The Nait XS is a more flexible product. The standard upgrade is the addition of a power supply for the preamp part, which is achieved by removing the link plug and connecting a power supply using two Snaic leads. If you then want to add a power amp you do this by connecting it to an output on the power supply. This maintains proper earthing and best sound. You can also use the XS as a power amp by putting it into power amp mode. You are choosing to add a power amp by connecting to the sub out. By doing that and not using a separate power supply the XS preamp is powered by its own inbuilt power supply.

So that’s how it all works. I’m simply intrigued what you are trying to do. With the 202 and 200, the Nait is superfluous.

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Thanks. Is this the same for the NAC 202 - you need a power supply to power the preamp and then connect a power amp? I.e., like the Nait (if you want to use the Snaic leads) this is a requirement?

If so I’ll need a power supply regardless

No. You can power the 202 from the 200 using the 4 pin Snaic lead that came with the 200. Both link plugs need to be in place on the 202. A quick read of the manual would be a good idea. You can later add a napsc and Hicap to the 202 to improve the sound significantly, should you wish.


I think HH has summed up everything I was wishing to add.

However the NaitXS3 specifications (screenshot above) are incorrect in relation to the Bi-amp DIN, I think someone must have copied that from the SuperNait3 specs.
I will raise this and get it corrected.



Well, at least I’ve achieved something!

I was going to ask Halibut why you can power the 202 preamp with the Snaic lead from the 200 but not the Nait XS, but I’m sensing an (understandable) weariness. I have read the manual - honestly.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

One is a power amp designed to be able to power a preamp and one is an integrated amp that isn’t designed to power a preamp. Simple as that. Then we get to the bigger power amps such as the 250 or 300 and they can’t power preamps either. The Naim range is many and varied. My head is only full of this rubbish because I’ve owned Naim for 37 years.

Rubbish? This Naim lore is jolly important stuff Nigel.


I think the XS & S/N have been designed like that because the first logical upgrade step is Flatcap/Hicap & after that you are free to upgrade the power amp should you wish to.



Listen, Rinse, Repeat!


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