ND5 NX2 - Custom Radio URL?

Can anyone give me a definitive answer? Does the ND5 NX2 allow for custom radio stations to be added that do not show in the pre-defined radio station list?

If so, can it be added via URL or does it have to be an IP address?

Can this be added


as an example?

Hi, you do it like this:


And when you are signed in, and clicked the last button above, you get this to fill in.

The vTuner service Naim use has a huge number of iRadio stations, and there’s a good chance that whet you want is in there somewhere if you look in the right place.
If you find the geographical location of the station you can navigate to the region in the iRadio input and the station is often listed there. There is more than one station out there called danceFM so you would need to be sure you were looking for the right one.
If that fails, add the station by logging into naim.vTuner.com as mentioned above.

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