ND5 SX2 input

Just got a ND5SX2 and connected to iPhone naim app, got Spotify working it cannot get sound from tv. I’ve connected digital out phono cable from tv to digital input of streamer.
Connected digital 2, 3 & 4 inputs in the app but none of them have the sound from the tv…
Previously I had the same cable connected to a cheap dac and into the amp no problems

Are you using a coaxial SPDIF cable? These come with either BNC or phono connections, but if you previously used your cable to connect a DAC to an amp, that sounds like you have an analogue phono cable.
Also, is your TV set to output a stereo PCM signal?

Hello Chris
TV is set to PCM digital out
Cable is a digital spdif coaxial

OK, then I guess it should be working. The phono SPDIF input is Digital input 3 on the app. Was it the same TV that worked before with the sane cable into a different DAC?

I’ve just tried the digital out on a £20 DVD player using a music cd and it works.
Plug the same cable into the tv and there’s no sound.

Tv out is working as the cheap dac works

ND5SX2 must not be compatible with the tv…

Strange! One for Naim support to look at, I think.

PCM does not mean stereo. If you TV is outputing 5.1 over PCM then it won’t work with the Naim streamer.

It’s set to stereo output

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Do you have the option of trying an optical cable? That’s what I use between my TV and UnitiQute2. Relatively inexpensive and worthwhile troubleshooting (although I appreciate that its working with a different Dac for you already)

All sorted,spoke to naim and there’s very probably too much jitter in the digital output from the TV and the streamer cannot cope.

A better tv should sort it.

Did you try an optical cable? No guarantee, but it would be a cheaper fix than a new TV!

unfortunately the tv only has spdif coax digital out.

Naim said if its got an optical out it wont be any better

I’m suspicious that Naim support are just guessing here. If the digital out works into other devices, but not into the ND5XS2, then I think the prime suspect is the ND5XS2. I would get in touch with your dealer and see if they can check it.
Regarding the connection, what sort of TV is it? Any TV I’ve looked at in the last few years has had an optical SPDIF, not coax.

its a weird one
the digital out on the tv works with a cheap Chinese dac into the amp

the digital in to the streamer works with a really cheap old dvd playing cds (sounds surprisingly good)

its just the tv wont talk to the streamer

its a cheap Panasonic (about 6 years old 40")

probably going to try a better LG tv and optical

Hi Mick,

That sounds to me that the SPDIF level maybe TTL (3.3 or 5volt) rather than the usual 0.6volts.

No guarantee it will work for you, but this cheap adapter box referenced below is very good for taking a wealth of questionable signals and converting it to a compliant one. Putting an optical cable between tv and hifi is also appealing as avoids any ground currents flowing from tv to hifi.

Tendak Optical SPDIF Toslink to Coaxial and Coaxial to Optical SPDIF Toslink Bi-directional Digital Audio Converter Splitter Adapter https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0791YG1X4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_1WT.Cb5SWKZN0



Thanks Steve

That’s pretty much what I am using at the moment

The idea was to use a streamer and get rid of as many small power supply items like this as possible. When I unplugged the dac and chrome cast audio - my hifi sound quality improved

I had the same problem. In my Samsung TV menu I had to go to additional settings, you find Audio format at PCM but still not working.
But I had to also to change HDMI Audio format to PCM, however not connected with a HDMI cable. Problem solved.

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