ND5 XS 2 + DAC V1 make sense?


I’m considering buying the ND5 XS 2 to upgrade my Bluesound Node 2.
My setup is: Nait xs2 + Dac V1 + Dali Opticon 6 Speakers

Does it still make sense to keep the V1 with the new streamer in terms of sound quality? My idea is to sell it if there’s no real improvement in having both on the same chain.

thank you

Probably not much sense in keeping the separate DAC but surely the answer is if/when you get the ND5XS2 try it with and without and let your ears decide?

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Assuming you are using the pre in the Nait, then the V1 is probably not adding much if you include the ND5XS2. Best way is to listen for yourself.

Another route is to use a PC or Mac with Audirvana to get access to Qobuz, Tidal and other such services.

So, in this case the SQ test would be between the NAS+ND5XS2 and computer+Audirvana+V1.

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Forgot to say I use Roon

I’ll definitely sell the bluesound and I’d like to to the same with the V1 to have some cash for the ND5

Don’t use use Roon, it I’m sure you could set it up on a pc or Mac to access Qobuz or Tidal. If not then there are so alternatives such as Audirvana.

I’m assuming from your other posts that your goal is better SQ from these services.

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I already have Roon with a dedicated NUC. Already tried all the software out there and even Audirvana is not bad but it is not as good for me…I use it on my laptop when I’m in the office…I’m totally ok with Roon for the moment :slight_smile:

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There are lots of options here, and only you can really decide what sounds best to you, but running a separate DAC has long been a popular upgrade path with Naim streamers. Whether or not the V1 would be worth keeping with an ND5XS2, I couldn’t say, but it would be interesting to try it.
Another, cheaper possibility that I think could be worth considering if you are happy with the Node is to replace the V1 with an NDAC. The price difference would only be a few hundred pounds, although it opens the door to future PSU upgrades if you want.

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Jude offers some good options to investigate.
In my experience using a DAC-V1, as a pre-amp, the transport has the least effect on system sound quality. You may get more bangs for your bucks by looking at your amp and speakers.


I would experiment with an NDac in place of the V1 with an optical cable from the Node 2 if initial cost is a thing.

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