ND5 XS 2 only sound in left channel

Suddenly my ND5 XS 2 stopped playing in right channel, I only get sound in left channel.
I have tried with two different DIN cables and two different inputs in amplifier. I have also reset the ND5 twice. And I have tried with both wifi and ethernet connection. But unfortunately the problem remains. I noticed the problem after having grouped the ND5 XS2 and a MU-SO 2 into one zone. When I un-grouped them I noticed the problem but this is probably not releated or?
Have anyone else had similar problem?

Try the rca outs… you will need to alter settings in the app.
. See if they work.

I hope it’s not a switching relay problem…

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Yes of course I should have thought about that, thanks
Now I tried the RCA outs and they work.

Please enlighten me about a “the switching relay problem”. How do I identify it?

It is a known problem, these relays that do the switching should do at least a few million switch events…but Naim have a supplier problem. Changing to rca out would confirm the din relay switch-is faulty. But of course you would need some rca cables to hand…i did not when my nd555 failed.

I see Gazza responding. He will be more precise than me on it.


Curious coincidence…

the millennium bug delayed 21 years?

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It’s apparently the SN2 in the parallel thread.

I am afraid if you follow as Gazza has suggested and you find the channel comes back on the other connectors, then it would suggest it’s the audio signal relay issue and you will need to have sent back to Naim for repair.
My NDX2 had this happen last summer, and was repaired promptly by Naim, obviously under warranty.

I suspect it might be now resolved with their suppliers… I wonder if the majority of our fairly recent failed products had a similar serial number range. My NDX2 was an early one, as Gaza’s ND555 was an early one.

I think the supplier has a quality problem, sorry for being pedantic

@klacke can i ask the warranty status? Does it still have one?

No Naim have a supplier problem…
Steve Sells told me they had investigated failed relays and shown the data to the supplier but they refused to address the issue. They had tried other relays but they did not sound as good…he said he would be looking to change the circuitry to adopt a different relay at some point and maintain SQ. That unfortunately was some time ago as i had one of the first nd555 that failed.

I have warranty. It is a new one, bought in november. I have taken it to the dealer and it`s going to Naim for repair. They have lend me their demo-ex while my unit is being fixed.
I bought a Supernait 3 at same time but I had to get a new one since the first unit had a big ” hum” problem. So I have had some problem with my NAIM gear. But my local dealer (Reference Audio @Stockholm) is great and have helped me a lot.


When switching outputs from DIN to RCA and vice versa, should one hear a noticeable click, similar to when powering ON or OFF the unit?

477026 Is the number Ndx2 booked for return to the Church of HiFi Felixstowe next week.
Failed right hand channel.
To be honest,this is the show room demo loaned to me over the holiday whilst I wait for mine to arrive.

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@Gazza and others, like @Simon-in-Suffolk should be able to respond. I have an Nds, and non Naim preamp.

Yes, you should.

Agree with Simon , it’s a momentary sound only as you switch.

The output of my ND5XS2 is just hooked up via RCA since I’m not currently using a Naim amp. I tried switching from RCA to DIN and vice versa. I don’t hear any click. Although my RCA outputs are ok, I do plan to get a Naim amp in the future and use the DIN output. I think I have a potential problem…

It is only a very soft click. If your outputs are working then you are fine and good to go.