ND5 XS & 5 italic combo?

Hi all… am considering replacing the NAT05 & Rega DAC with a used ND5 XS. It has the FM module…

Worth doing? I like what I have now, the Rega is fed optical output, either my ripped CD library or Tidal.

Hi, if FM radio is important to you I think you will be disappointed in the performance of the ND5XS. The FM/DAB module it uses is no match for a separate Naim tuner.
Of course you have a range of streaming services too, but these are somewhat limited compared to more modern streamers.

Hi, just curious or I may have missed something. Why do you need the FM module when you can stream iRadio?

As Chris says, with the fully updated ND5XS you can stream from Spotify and Tidal but not Qoboz, so there is a limitation if you want Qoboz.

Otherwise, a second hand ND5 XS is an excellent streamer.

Thanks for the input…. Much as I suspected. I’ll add that when local FM (KNKX.ORG & CBC2, CFUV 101.9 are staples here) isn’t enough then the iPad serves as the internet radio server.

Since this is all paid for best to keep things as they are…

Maybe FM will not be as good as the NAT01, but DAB+ should be different as it is Digital audio broadcasting, supported by a digital streamer? Naim would not have miscalculated, underevaluated or or underdeveloped such a digital association in one of its products, I would assume!

I find that the quality of FM varies a lot. With a good aerial a quality station can sound excellent, but some stations are really poor, in which case you may find that internet radio is as good or better, and the ND5XS supports this quite well.

DAB sounds really bad! There is virtually no DAB+ in the UK, although I admit this can sound better if you can find any stations. I think Naim just use a radio module that offers both FM and DAB for convenience, at least in the UK.
For anything like proper HiFi sound quality my view is that you really want FM, or lossless FLAC iRadio. The latter is supported natively by the current Naim streamers, or there are workarounds that will get them running on the older models.

I tend to disagree… DAB is very dependent on location AND antenna.
If you are out of range, forget it. If you are in range, you need to invest in a proper antenna (I have 3, 2 of which are simply diy made, from 75Ohm coaxial TV cable cut and assembled in a very specific way - the first of which I bought on Amazon.co.uk 10 yeras ago :wink: … Coupled with Marantz CR612, Onkyo N775D and Technics ST-C700D).
In Belgium, where I am located, FM will be decommissioned in the next few years. I hear you guys have very good DAB radios too in the UK.
This said, I would compare FM/DAB to vinyl/cd - I love a good 33RPM as I love a favourite FM station that does not broadcast (yet) digitally :wink:
Last but not least, I have to say that I was really, and positively surprised with some quality internet radios, in terms of sound quality, stereo imaging, depth, etc…
I used to abhore MP3 and all of that :wink: BUT technology is evolving fast!

I suspect you have some DAB+ stations. In the UK virtually everything is standard DAB and I have never heard it sound like anything worthy of the term HiFi. I would describe it as comparable to a poor, low bit rate MP3 iRadio station.

I am sorry to hear that…
DAB+ tends to gradually replace DAB, but 9 years ago when I installed my son’s system (M-CR603+Dali), DAB was already fantastic - basically I have heard no difference. I have to say that both Marantz and Onkyo are located in the boys’ bedrooms, on the first floor. So both location and reception and aerial play a great role here.

Thanks all for the feedback…. am going to stick with what I have. An iPad Pro makes for a marvellous wireless streamer for Tidal, the NAT05 hooked to a Magnum Dyna ST2 takes good care of the FM…. heck, I’m using the CAL Sigma tube DAC that continues to impress …

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