ND5 XS and MuSo Tidal Problems

After the latest firmware updates for my ND5 XS and MuSo, Tidal playlists will only play one track before stopping almost all of the time.

The ND5 XS and MuSo are in two entirely different geographical locations, but both are connected via WiFi.

Prior to the firmware updates, both would play many tracks of a Tidal playlist without stopping.

Same issue reported here, possible solution s to reboot the router and logout / login to tidal.

I’ve rebooted both routers - an Orange Livebox and a Cisco RSV3000/WAP371 and logged in/out of Tidal on the iOS Naim App.

Only one of the ND5 XS and MuSo is powered on at any one time, so I don’t think I’m logged into Tidal on more than one device.

Is there nobody else experiencing the same problem?

My ND5 XS and MuSo are basically unusable with Tidal

Finally solved with the help of Naim support and multiple password changes in the Tidal App

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