ND5 XS and TIDAL not connecting

We have a problem that appears to be identical to a forum issue closed in October 2020. Unfortunately, this problem may have re-arisen.

A day or two ago, our ND5 XS streamer would no longer connect to TIDAL. We could still connect to TIDAL on both of our Mu-So speakers. Only the ND5 XS streamer had the problem. All other modalities on the ND5 XS streamer still work fine - such as iRadio, digital connections, UPnP, etc. The only issue is with TIDAL.

We get two error messages. The first is “Error Use Naim App” The second is “Can’t Play Skipped track”.
When we switch to our Mu-So speakers everything works fine. The same iPhones and iPads with the Naim App installed work just fine in controlling and streaming TIDAL on our Mu-So speakers.

Any thoughts?. From earlier forum discussions, it appears something similar happened in October of 2020 and the issue was with TIDAL. Is that the case now? It seems odd that we have this only on our ND5 XS system. Thank you in advance. Paul

Is your streamer firmware up to date? The latest is version 4.7

I believe the firmware is up to date. (If it is a firmware issue, wouldn’t the problem have arisen much earlier?) That said, how does one check the firmware version? I have looked for information on how to check the firmware version but so far I have been unsuccessful. Thank you.

You’ll find the firmware version in the Naim app under Settings > About…

Also via the front panel accessed via the remote.

If you have an older firmware it is in principle possible that Tidal changed something on their side that requires a firmware update.

Thanks to both ChrisSU and Suedkiez for their helpful comments. I am happy to report that I believe I have finally solved the issue. Hopefully, the following might help some other person. I believe that the issue was with my Bitdefender NETGEAR Armor. I logged on to my NETGEAR account and I saw a number of notifications concerning an “Asia Pacific Microsystems thermostat.” Well, that so-called thermostat was actually my ND5 XS.

I essentially “whitelisted” the thermostat and, lo and behold, TIDAL started working again on our ND5 XS. NETGEAR Armor was somehow able to “see” both of our Mu-so systems and determine that they did not present vulnerabilities - but the ND5 XS was apparently not as robust and was seen as a problem. Thus, the login information from our ND5 XS was blocked and ultimately did not reach TIDAL. That was why TIDAL continued to work on our Mu-So speakers but not on our ND5 XS. It was also why we received the “use NAIM app” error message.

BTW - people may also wish to note that firmware on the NAIM app is NOT called firmware. It is called “system version” or some other similar generic name. You will NOT see the word “firmware” in the NAIM app. This can be confusing as people may tend to distinguish between software (general) and firmware (specific).

Oh the Armor. There was another thread about this, and it will be fixed in a new Naim update:

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