ND5 XS and Tidal problems

hello, past couple of days, i am using the niam app on andriod, updated everything.

when iopen tidal and put in username and password it immediately says , network not available . the tital main app is also not working. i got the hifi plus account, anyone else experiencing this problem.
i made the password simple as well.

using samsung z flip , nd5 xs wired to router. upnp and everything else is fine, router settings are all good, its just the tidal that is creating problems.

& 1 thing more,. how do you shutdown the nd5 xs? there is no power button

Has the ND5XS been updated to the latest firmware (4.8)? It will need this to work with Tidal as they made big changes recently. See here for more info;

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ill work on it rigght now, dont they auto update themselves!

The new platform does but not the old one.

working perfectly and 100% accurately. thank a lot friend.
just 1 thing more, how do i shut it down. where is the off button.

You have Standby in the App, otherwise for a total power down remove power.

I think the ND5 XS has the standard old streamer rocker power switch on the back Richard…

Yes, now I’m back on a computer and can access a decent image, it looks like you’re right David.

I used to have an ND5 XS before I bought a 272 so I was almost certain….

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There is an option of enabling dac then it asks for inputs. Isnt the dac enabled by default. I only use upnp and tidal. Thats all.

Analogue output can be disabled if you aren’t using it e.g. if you are using an external DAC.

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